When I started blogging over 5 years ago I didn’t know what I was doing! We had just purchased our house and it was completely stuck in the 1960’s. With original kitchen units, colourful carpets and even a turquoise bathroom suite. It needed doing up throughout and what better way to document it than to start a blog. Over those 5 years I have learnt so much and so much I didn’t even realise I was going to have to learn. 

So I thought it would be fun to write a post on all the things you don’t realise a blogger has to do! I wanted to share my top ones with you first but I also took to the blogging community to find out what they thought too! 

What I Didn’t Realise A Blogger Has To Do


You cannot just take images from anywhere you want on the internet. I have to make sure that every image I put on my blog or social media is either mine, a stock image that I am allowed to use or have permission from the owner of the image. This also goes for music on videos. When creating a YouTube video I can spend ages searching for the right piece of music that doesn’t have a copyright on it. 


Which is where my photography comes in. My images were terrible when I first started blogging, but what I didn’t realise back then that blogging would make me fall in love with photography. I love capturing images and to be able to have those lovely images of my family is very precious to me. 

Digital Legacy 

As a blogger I have a huge digital identity, my career portfolio sits within my blog and social media accounts. If anything happens to me it is very important that I ensure my career legacy is covered. Ensuring I have in place instructions that my loved ones know what to do with my accounts, my blog and profiles. Something that I never would have thought I needed to sort out. SunLife has some useful information on this if you’re interested in finding out how to secure your digital legacy. 


My blog never was going to be my career, I never planned to be able to earn money from it but I am and I am so happy to be doing so. It allows me to stay at home and be able to fit around their school hours and activities and  not pay for childcare, although as I’m writing this and it’s school holidays I’m currently sat here with headphones on listening to classical music (easier to write with!) trying to block out the noise of the kids!! It can be very lonely. I am sat at my desk in my lounge with the dog by my feet but I don’t have that office vibe or chit chat, and no one to chat to on my lunch break.  So some weeks it can be very lonely. 

So What Do The Blogging Community Have To Say! 

  • Be a debt collector and chase so many late payments www.anklebitersadventures.co.uk 
  • I had no idea that I would have to suddenly become clued up on accounting! I have numbers coming out of my ears!! www.fivelittledoves.com
  • That I would have to learn hundreds of different acronyms when it comes to all things internet. www.householdmoneysaving.com
  •  You have to be IT support! You need to understand about hosting your website, setting up email and designing your site too. Unless you can afford to outsource right from the beginning! When something doesn’t work you have to find the answers yourself which is why so many bloggers are in blogger groups: we all support each other! www.maidenheadmum.co.uk
  • Be constantly connected! There’s no such thing really as a week off because you’re always checking or answering emails or keeping up on social media. www.mehimthedogandababy.com
  • Spend a lot of time taking photos – little things like getting shadows in the right place, kids in the right pose, sun at the right time of day – then spending another eternity dwindling 1000 photos to 1.
  • Didn’t realise just how much hard work goes into creating a blog post: writing, SEO, images, tags, the list goes on. Writing a post properly takes so much time! Https://virtuallyallsorts.com
  • Werk werk werk! And you can’t really have any time off as such! www.the-willowtree.com
  •  Researching what your audience wants to read and not necessarily writing what you want to share. Took me a while to get my head around that and find a balance. www.ouralteredlife.com
  •  That you really have to Be hard on yourself sometimes. No one can write your blog posts for you, nobody is going to take those pictures you need other than you, if you don’t promote your posts nobody is going to do it for you! It’s hard to remember sometimes that you are your own boss! www.fromrachaelclaire.com
  • The amount of work that goes into so-called “freebies” – the time spent taking photos, retaking photos, writing reviews, promoting etc – www.beccablogsitout.com
  • Having to be present on every social media site going and be able to juggle your time across them all as evenly as you can manage in order to keep up your numbers and engagement. https://emmareed.net
  • Be a writer, photographer, social media guru, SEO whiz and accountant all in one! www.whingewhingewine.co.uk
  •  Submit tax returns & pay tax! I never thought I’d make any money from blogging let alone be paying tax on my earnings from it Twinderelmo.co.uk
  • How panicked I would feel when my website/blog goes down for just a few short moments and I get an error message, the panic is real! A million things run through your head like “where are all my images and the 100’s of hours of posts I have written” and “what if I’ve been hacked!” www.tantrumstosmiles.co.uk
  • Constantly justify their job and explain how you make money. Also deal with friends that ask if you can get them a new X Y or Z! Www.beautifulhomeideas.com
  • Sell myself. I never thought I’d be writing pitches where I’m effectively selling ‘me’ as a brand. Even now I feel like people will see through them! It’s a big step for those of us lacking in self confidence! https://devonmama.com
  • Field 20blllion requests that you work for free every day https://www.abeautifulspace.co.uk
  • That it would turn into my job and it would be so amazing, fun, exhausting and yet be so darn bizarre. Some of the strange things I do to take photos some days. Http://weblogtravel.com
  • That you have to style, light and shoot brand campaigns. You are effectively a mini advertising agency covering all the roles. https://www.scandimummy.com
  • That social media can literally take over your life and you can spend more time interacting and engaging in conversation with people you have never met that you do your own friends but the benefit is the many great friends you can meet via social media too. www.mybump2baby.com
  • I didn’t realise before that as a blogger you are often invited to events. You don’t really switch off and enjoy that event, you literally work as a journalist covering the event – photos, meeting everyone, visiting all possible parts of the place so you don’t miss anything and cover the event on social media and blog too! https://www.cosmomum.co.uk
  • Work hard at growing their audience. It’s easy to write and post on a blog but ensuring someone is reading and engaging with it, especially in the beginning, is hard work! Https://themoneywhisperer.co.uk
  • I thought that a ‘plug-in’ was a type of air freshener. And a widget was just a thing that made a can of beer frothy . Now these things are something infinitely more useful! www.arosetintedworld.co.uk
  • That there’s always something to learn each and every day. And remembering to work hard at engagement with both your audience and community of fellow bloggers. www.happyfamilyhub.co.uk
  • Be nice to people even if they are being rude to you just to keep your cool to your followers when really you want to scream shut up!! www.justaveragejen.com
  • You may find you have to persuade and train your spouse/partner or even your children in photography. When you as the blogger need to be IN some photos, sometimes the timer setting on your camera just isn’t good enough! https://falcondalelife.com
  • That I’d have to spend so much time sorting out bloody GDPR ww.allaboutamummy.co.uk
  • The ALL things you need to be organised for is immense. You need to plan ahead at least 6 months ahead. No joke. www.ethannevelyn.com
  • Bloggers have to be thick skinned and take nasty comments. Although we don’t deserve any troll comments, just like no one else deserves it, trolling happens a lot to bloggers. Many people don’t understand how blogging is a job etc, so they troll instead. We have feelings just like everyone else. But we have to learn to delete and move on 
  • Make Christmas cupcakes in August!! My family thought I was insane this weekend. Blog name – Mudpie Fridays https://www.mudpiefridays.com
  • Explain what it is you actually do to people, which is actually really hard. Especially when they think it is a hobby! Life, Love and Dirty Dishes https://lifeloveanddirtydishes.com
  • That you need to be your own biggest fan. You have to believe in yourself and in the content you are putting out there. If you love what you do then that will shine through. It can be a lonely job but also the best job in the world! www.ricecakesandraisins.co.uk
  • Spending so much time trying to make blog look nice. I always change it as I always see something better.

What amazing responses and Thank You to each of them. Blogging for me is a rollercoaster, one minute I’m struggling and then a fantastic e-mail comes in and I am jumping for joy! Blogging is a fantastic hobby or job, you can make it whatever you want it to be. However keep enjoying it and take those little moments that make you happy with it and remember them. 

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  1. Yes, yes and yes to all of the above! I actually had no idea blogging would bring me a community and a group of wonderful people. I thought it would be something I’d do on my own but there have been so many opportunities to meet people and network. I love that part of the job. I don’t like the accounts and paperwork so much though. Like Laura said, I’ve got numbers coming out of my ears 🙂

  2. Soooo many truths there that people don’t realise. I had no idea of half the stuff I needed to do when I started and sometimes I wish I’d known about SEO, finding a niche and taking time with my photos. It’s a huge learning curve and nearly 4 years on I’m still learning!

  3. I had an idea of how much work there was but I didn’t realise how much time it would consume! I used to blog for fun, but when I turned it into a business it was a game-changer!

  4. I am not a full-time blogger but there are some very interesting things that I can certainly relate, as really I went into this blind as a hobby. I had never heard or considered digital legacy until reading this post! x

    • I only did it as a diary too to start off with! I was a very lazy blogger before hand but learnt so much now!

  5. In my one year of blogging, I have experienced all you have listed, but I never thought to classify them as you did. Your post is so precise and very relatable xx

  6. lindsey bray Reply

    I am a new blogger, started a few months ago. I can not believe the amount of things I have had to learn, its all very technical! But I am loving it! I posted a youtube vid on a post too and didn’t realise I cant do this so a massive thanks!

  7. Chasing late payments has to be one of the worst things we have to do – why can’t brands pay on time? I have to pay my rent on time!

  8. This is so true. There is so much involed in Blogging that I never really thought about it before I started. And, I hadn’t even thought about Digital Legacy until I read your Blog.

    • It hadn’t crossed my mind what would happen to my blog if I wasn’t around anymore, all those memories

  9. I love this post and I totally agree! had non idea there was so much involved until I started getting into it professionally! Everyone should read this, thank you for including mine!

  10. It’s so true, people think I just get ‘free stuff’ when I break down the hours I work researching, writing , editing, photography it’s a lot of time I put in.

  11. Wow! When you list it like this it really is a huge task (and learning curve!)

  12. The is so, so accurate! It’s so important to step away too, very easy to get swept up in all the jobs and never-ending to do list

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