Are you ready for some pink?! Well, it is nearly Valentine’s Day….

Being a parent doesn’t always mean you get to go out for Valentines’ Day, or if you’re working, and can’t get out together. However, it doesn’t mean you can’t have a little Valentine’s celebration together.

So I had a little think about how we could celebrate Valentine’s Day together, on a weekday afternoon before the kids came home and hubby has to go to work.

An Indoor Valentines Picnic For Twoย 

I took a trip up to HomeSense to have a look at what Valentine’s Day treats they had up there. I wanted to go for a pink and gold colour theme, and not your typical red colour scheme.

So I laid down a grey woolly throw on the floor, and set up an afternoon tea. We’re not big drinkers so this appealed to us both and great for an afternoon, before the kids come home from school!

I spotted this little keepsake box and notepad, so we thought we could sit down and write some little things we want to achieve together and pop them in this box. I want to fill it with places we want to visit, things we want to do together and things we want to achieve.

Candles always create a lovely mood, and these ones are also smelly so now my lounge is filled with a lovely scent.

I love that HomeSense has such a range of different things, I could pick out a dainty mug for me, and a big chunky mug for Hubby, but still co-coordinating!

I would love to tell you that this cake was homemade by me, and I slaved over it for ages…..however, Sainsbury’s came up trumps with this one (and it tasted amazing!)

HomeSense – Cake Stand – Plates – Mugs – Throw – Tray – Candles – Memory Box – Notepad

Are you celebrating Valentine’s Day this year? If so how?

I would love to hear your ideas, and if you’re single, then have an Indoor Picnicย with your friend or kids!

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    • Thank you, great when you have kids as you can stay at home but do something different together.

  1. Such a nice idea. I love picnics. And what a fab idea to note down all the things you want to do together.

  2. That is such a lovely idea, Steph. Both my husband and I work from home on Fridays so tea, cake and catchups are a regular feature here. I love doing it … time is so scarce with children that it’s probably the only time we get to properly chat to each other.

    • That’s good you to do that together on a Friday though, so important to get a little time together without any little ones butting in!

    • Oh I WOULD have loved to be able to make that cake……I could do one and compare this picture to mine!!!

    • Ah thanks, it’s just doing something different isn’t it that makes you sit down together

  3. My sister and I often have a carpet picnic when I pop round with my nephews. They love it. Add a splash of romance and cake and it’s all set up for an adult carpet picnic. Lovely idea

  4. Canโ€™t go wrong with Homesense. I canโ€™t go in without buying something! Love love love that cake and cake stand. Brilliant idea to have an indoor picnic too, especially when itโ€™s so hard to find a babysitter to go out for a meal!

  5. We love indoor picnics! There’s something so lovely about them. That cake looks amazing!

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