We’ve just had a record-breaking early May bank holiday this weekend and I was lucky enough to be able to try out my new VonHaus zero gravity chair in the sunshine! 

Last year we re designed our garden and created a really lovely space to relax in. Although our house is set in a residential road and surrounded by other houses, we have a lovely sunny back garden that isn’t over looked. So I wanted a chair that I could sit out in the garden and relax on. The VonHaus zero gravity chair fitted the bill perfectly. 


I needed something that is supportive and comfortable due to having back surgery last year.  It has to be able to lay backwards so that I can relax my back into it. However I didn’t want one that only laid backwards. This has both the option of sitting and laying back. 

There is also a little cushion to place your head on, which can also slide up and down to meet different heights. 

Easy Of Use 

You couldn’t ask for an easier chair to operate. There are two locking handles on the side of the arms which when released allow you to move the chair from sitting to laying backwards. Once you’re sitting on the chair then push your weight backwards and the seat will slowly go back into a laying position. 


When it arrived boxed up I expected I needed to put it together. Not at all, it folds up neatly and small which is great for storing over the winter too.


I am very impressed by the price of this chair. For one chair it is £34.99 but you can also purchase a pack of 2 for £64.99. My husband has his eye on a matching one now! I kind of expected the quality would be a bit rubbish for this price however they are really good. Sturdy powder-coated steel frames, the plastic arms aren’t brittle and the textoline fabric is really strong. They also come with a 2 year warranty as well.  


I am very impressed with this zero gravity chair and I cannot wait to spend some time sitting out in the gardening being able to relax and watch the children playing in the sunshine. Lets just hope we get some more sunshine hey! 

It wasn’t loved just by me either……..

*I was sent the VonHaus zero gravity chair for the purpose of this review. However all words are honest and of my own. Post contains Affiliate links, which means I earn a small amount of commission but you do not pay anymore 


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    • Yep it is really comfy for me, so glad as it means I can rest now but be outside instead of coming indoors

  1. That chair looks so comfy! We are slowly doing up our backyard and I so want new seats…this one is on the list now.

  2. That chair looks so comfortable I’m pretty sure I’d get in and never get back out haha! I love the style too 🙂

  3. I really want one of these! I can’t believe how reasonably priced it is. I agree with you about wanting to have option to lay or sit, much better that way.

    • Brilliant price isn’t it, I expected it to be rubbish quality but it isn’t at all.

  4. Hazel Newhouse Reply

    Oh that looks so comfy! I certanly need new garden chairs. We only have 3 old fashioned, iron chairs. Hard to sit on and hard to relax into. I think I deserve a treat. So cheap as well! Perfect. x

    • Yes I think you should have a treat, I knew I wanted a comfy seat but once it arrived I thought yep I NEED a comfy seat!!!

  5. That looks lovely and comfy! It’s always nice to have a relaxing place to sit when you’re outdoors, and just in time for the summer too! Hopefully there’s lots of sunshine for you to enjoy it!

  6. Oh this looks really interesting as I have sacral illiac joint issues and always need to – prop my foot on something so the bar at the bottom is speaking to me! Will certainly investigate.

    • These things we need to think about with the pains in our bodies! It’s a very comfy seat so thumbs up from me

  7. Oh my word Steph that looks so comfy I don’t know if I would ever move from it if I had one of those in my garden!

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