If you follow my blog and social media, you would have been following my journey of being a puppy socialiser for Hearing Dogs for Deaf People.

I have socialised 2 puppies previously, Rusty and Berkley. Both wonderful Cockapoos but both VERY different in temperament! Berkley only recently left me to start his adventure to become a Hearing Dog, so we were all quite a bit teary about him leaving.

However to help us get over it, we welcomed our next puppy to socialise!

Say Hello to Dixie….


She is a very sweet little girl, who is a Poodle! I have never had a Poodle before, never had a girl dog before, but I am looking forward to my adventure with her!

She is so inquisitive, loves exploring, but loves eating anything she can pick up on the floor!!

20160317_073938 20160317_102935

As she is a bloggers dog she needs to learn how to pose for the camera!!


We have already been on some lovely adventures with her, but this explains why I have been a little quieter on my blog. She is keeping me very busy!!

If your interested in following our journey, please follow me on my social media channels, as I post photos of our adventures on there Instagram, Facebook and Twitter




  1. What a really beautiful thing for you to do. It must be so much hard work but very rewarding. We love dogs.

  2. Kerry norris Reply

    Awww how cute. Love that bottom photo. That’s amazing you’ve trained dogs before. What a rewarding thing to do xx

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