We’ve had a new arrival! Meet Gus the Goldendoodle (Golden Retriever x Poodle)


This little fella is a big, dopey, gentle giant! He was the calmer one of the litter, who just plodded over and said Hello to us, sat there and happily had some fuss and a tummy rub. I was sold straight away, he had picked me and I just knew he would fit in wonderfully. He was calm, but he was still confident enough to want to play with us, explore these new people and want to have a cuddle.

This was me when I saw him at 5 weeks, a big boy already!


Then I saw him again at 6.5 weeks…..


so when we collected him at 8 weeks he was even bigger!


Look at his paws, they are AMAZING! Everyone comments one them, because of course he needs to grow into them….and he is going to. His Mum was a good sized Golden Retriever and his Dad was a 26″ standard Poodle.


If his Mum’s temperament is anything to go by, he is going to be wonderful. She was so gentle and friendly, accepting us and was a fab puppy Mum too. There was only 4 in the litter and she still was happily letting them have milk from her too. So Gus was a very chunky puppy, and didn’t go hungry!


He is so playful, so happy and we are all totally in love!


and gives lovely cuddles too….

gus-sleeping gus-sleeping-sofia

Want to know how we came up with his name? Well I am a bit of a Disney fan, and there is a big, fat, dopey mouse called Gus in Cinderella and as soon as I said that name I knew it was his name. Meant something to me and summed him up perfectly!

So if you fancy following this little chap and his adventures with us, then he has his own Instagram account!! GusAndUs

I put together a little video of the day we collected him, lovely memories.



  1. Oh my… he’s so cute! I didn’t even know Golden Doodles existed. My brother had a Golden Retriever and she is so gentle and friendly!

  2. Oh, such a cutie, I dream of having a Golden Retriever like Gus’s mummy one day, they are such gentle and loving animals.

  3. Aw he’s so cute. He looks like he gives great cuddles. I love playing with dogs but I don’t think I would take on having a dog because of going for walks. I am lazy lol

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