I am joining in with World Prematurity Day as it is close to my heart.

My twins were born 7 weeks early at 33 weeks, I was very lucky and they only spent just under 3 weeks in neonatal care.

The care they received at Southampton Princess Ann was fantastic, they looked after them and got them home with me quickly.


The Ickle Pickles Children’s Charity are a charity that raises fund to help the smallest and sickest babies, they have started running a campaign for World Prematurity Day (WPD) on 17th November.

ย They’ve come up with the idea of a ‘kangaroo huddle’ where people can post a photo of themselves cuddling their Ickle Pickle (however young or old). There’s no limit to the amount of people on the pic.

We are asking people to email us their #kangaroohuddle to raise awareness of WPD & the amazing work done in neonatal care. We have already started to release these photos and are including details like ‘this is Charlie, he was born at X weeks old and started his life at X hospital.

Share a kangaroo cuddle to give more babies like Charlie the best start in life, this World Prematurity Day’.

If you have a ‘Ickle Pickle’ would like to share your kangaroo cuddle by posting on Twitter or Facebook – Don’t forget to tag Ickle Picklesย  @icklepickles & #worldprematurityday

Here is our Kangroo cuddle with my crazy lot just before bed!



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