In this day and age we are all beginning to think about improvements we can make to our homes that will not only benefit our lives, but also the environment at the same time. Luckily, there are many changes that you can make to your home that will help the environment (and your pocket) and in this article, is going to show you how you can achieve this.


We all know how much our electricity bills have risen over the last decade, but the unfortunate part of it is, that we all need our lighting when it gets dark at night. Some of us may even leave a hallway light on for the children at night. A great way of reducing your costs, and also preventing you from blinding yourself in the middle of the night when you walk into the hallway, is to install dimmer switches all over your home. Not only will they save you money because you’re able to control the amount of light it gives out, but you will be able to create a cosy ambiance in each room when you desire.

If you’re unable to install dimmer switches in your home (due to landlords not allowing it,) you could opt for energy saving light bulbs throughout your home. It is also possible to get energy saving dimmer switch light bulbs to ensure that you’re being as environmentally friendly as possible.


If you’ve never replaced your windows in your home, then it might be time to think about getting double glazing windows installed onto your home. Not only will they completely refresh the look of your home, but they will help keep the heat in when needed, and the heat out in the hotter months of the year. Getting them installed is environmentally friendly because you won’t have to use as much gas and electric to keep your home at the right temperature. Definitely an investment that should be considered if your windows have gotten draughty or a bit too old and fragile. 

Solar panels

We’ve probably all heard about solar panels by now. They are environmentally friendly panels that are installed onto your roof to absorb the uv rays from the sun and turn it into usable energy for the home. Having solar panels installed will reduce the amount of electric you’re using dramatically. Many satisfied customers have remarked about how low their energy bills are in the summer time because of how much energy their solar panels have produced. They pay for themselves within a year of purchase and last a lifetime. A brilliant environmentally friendly change to consider making to your home.

Vegetable patch

Building yourself a vegetable patch and a greenhouse in your garden will allow you to grow the fruit and vegetables that you typically eat. Not only will you be able to save money on buying these things from the supermarket, but you will be environmentally friendly because you’re becoming a part of the population that’s becoming self sufficient.

You will also notice the quality of taste in your own grown produce. This is because they haven’t been sprayed with nasty pesticides, and the soil that they are grown in is as natural as possible. Making sure that your food isn’t infected with horrible chemicals also contributes to the environment, and is what is known as organic food. You might even go a step further and start using organic skin products at home, too!

Log fire

Removing your gas fires and installing log burners into your home is a fabulous way of contributing to the environment because you will no longer be using up harmful gasses to heat your home with. You will now be using logs and charcoal to heat your home. Don’t forget that you will have to maintain your log burner to get the best results from it, but once you have mastered that, you have managed to heat your home for next to no cost. Especially if you’re comparing it to what you were paying before.

Log burners are also super cosy and add a lovely touch to any home. They can give your home either a rustic and old fashioned look, or a super modern look.

So, if you’re looking to become more environmentally friendly then consider taking these 5 ideas on and trying them out on your home. You will soon begin to reap the benefits of all of your hard work. Let’s continue saving this earth for our children!

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  1. Charly Martin Reply

    Great tips! I would add one more suggestion: to reuse the water (whenever possible), and not to leave the water tap on when we don’t need it.

  2. I’ve always been attracted to a lifestyle that respects our planet, is in tune with nature and relies on its resources. I grew up in a small town in rural Poland where we’d always buy seasonal fresh and organic produce from local farmers; my parents and grandmother always relied heavily on what they grew in their own gardens; we would often use recipes for homemade health remedies .

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