Right, I am starting this off with saying I am no expert on this. We went on our first holiday abroad with the kids this summer, and oh my gosh it was scary, stressful and a whole lot of fun! Travelling abroad with kids is a completely different experience, I felt like we needed our own sheepdog to keep them all rounded up and with me.  So I thought I would put together some things that would be great to take on as carry on items when you are travelling abroad with kids. 

Hard Boiled Sweets or Lollys

I am not sure how badly you suffer from the pressure, and pain in the ears but two of my kids really suffered from the pressure when descending, so I got them to suck on hard boiled sweets and lollypops. It did help them a lot, and it kept them thinking about something else too! 

Electronic Gadgets 

We loaded up a tablet with non WiFi games before we left home so it could be popped on aeroplane mode on the plane and keep them busy.  Also check with your airline, as they may offer apps with films loaded on, and free WiFi on the plane. However remember to bring some headphones to plug in, as the whole plane doesn’t want to hear their games, or films blasting out! 

Tablets are also a great portable version of a computer, store music and films on, but are also great for taking photos. Carrying a tablet on you carry on means you have easy access, and also able to capture some pictures quickly too.  Follow these photography tips to help you capture great photos. I followed them, and this is a photo I have captured from this tablet. 

Water Bottles 

There are big restrictions on liquids on planes now, so you won’t be able to carry on water-filled bottles. The airport water is so expensive, so bring along the kids empty water bottles. These can be filled up at the airport water fountains that are dotted around the airport after you have gone through the security checks. MoneySavingExpert has a list of where you can find the water fountains. 

Quiet Activities 

We took a trip to The Works before we went and stocked up on some very cheap activity books, colouring books and puzzles for them to do on the plane. They are cheap, and a quiet activity! We made a point of taking them with to pick these things, as there were ones I would have picked for them, however, they picked the ones that I probably wouldn’t pick!! The trouble is not letting them do the activities until you travel!! Hide them quick!! 

*Collaborative Post 

Head over to Kelly Allen Writer to see what 5 Things To Make Travelling As A Faimly Easier she suggests 

Travelling abroad with kids, what to pack on your carry on, and what to pack on your carry on when travelling abroad with kids. Great item to take on your carry on when travelling abroad



  1. Some very sound advice here Steph, plane journeys are a fine line between excited banter and giggles and pure and simple melt down for us! I’ll be referring back to this guide for our next venture abroad believe me!

    • We were getting some looks when they look off for the first time! Very excited, and very loud!!

  2. Great tips! We fly really often with our daughter and we find lollipops a great help for those ears. We always go to The Works or Poundland to stock up on little toys to play with for flights. x

  3. Great tips here. You’ve just got to keep them entertained and it is nowhere near the hassle. My sister spent about £5 on random cheap toys so my niece had a new surprise every 30 minutes!

    • Great idea, keep dishing new things for them to play with. A new surprise every 30mins!

  4. Indeed great tips! I guess I will suggest to bring some gums when travelling too. It can also ease the pressure when the plane is taking off. This works for me so I am sharing to you.

    • Quite happy to try the gums sweets trick too! Any excuse to have some sweeties!

    • It was a lot harder than getting everyone loaded into the car and go, but was lovely to experience another country too.

  5. Great tips. We are still trying to persuade our autie 7 year old that plane travel is OK. Will bear your tips in mind if we do manage to convince her!

    • Ah my kids were a little nervous going on the plane this time, but loved it once they were on there and now love the idea of a plane!

  6. Colouring books are a great idea. We also take books, stickers and an activity pack to help keep the little ones entertained.

    • Yes if our journey was longer I would have made up a great little activity pack, great idea

  7. Great tip that about loading up an iPad with offline games. You can keep them entertained for hours with a good session on Angry Birds!!

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