Lepe Country Park is a lovely country park in Exbury which is in the New Forest. We usually find little car parks with the New Forest to go off and explore in the forest but today we decided to visit somewhere we hadn’t visited in years. 

Lepe Country Park 

Lepe Country Park has really changed since we last visited and the biggest change was an amazing looking lookout restaurant, which is right on the edge of the beach. Over the years the last restaurant has suffered a lot of flooding. So this new building has been built on stilts, which keeps is off the ground for flooring but also provides a lovely view of the water. It is very busy in there though. 

Car Parking 

The is good sized car parks which cost from £2.20 1 hour to £6.50 for a full day, which is a pretty normal rate for around here. We parked in the lower car park and then walked up the hill to start our walk along. We didn’t get very far with our kids this time, but we will be back to explore more of Lepe Country Park. 

Play Area 

On this open field is the large park, with a good range of play equipment for the kids. 

War History 

In this field, you will also find this fenced off area which teaches the children about the history of Lepe Country Park and WW2. The New Forest was a fantastic place to hide troops and had lot of secret missions within it! You can find out some more information on the New Forest and its WW2 history on this website

Tree Climbing 

There was plenty of trees to climb and bushes to run through! 

Beach Walk

You can also walk along the pebble beach, my kids love the beach and would happily stay here for hours playing with the waves and throwing in stones. 

My son even spotted square waves, which up until a couple of months ago we had no idea they existed. His friend told him but we had never seen them before, well we did at Lepe which was amazing to see. Just meant you need to be careful of the water here and the signs on the beach do say this too 

After a little wander around, a play on the beach and fun in the park we were happy to head home after a lovely couple of hours. We will be back as there is so much more to explore! Oh and it’s a great place for flying a kite

Dog Walking 

Lepe Country Park is also a great place to come and walk the dog. Although during April-September the beach becomes a family-friendly beach and dogs aren’t allowed on it during this time. Although there is an alternative route along the coast.  You can also take your dog into the lookout restaurant too. 

Video Of Lepe Country Park 

Google Map 




  1. Melanie williams Reply

    Love all your piccys. Looks like a nice place for a day out with plenty of fresh air too xx

    • The good dog walking areas are harder to find aren’t they, especially if they have food at the end!

  2. A park, a beach and a restaurant! Sounds like bliss for kids and adults. Great review 🙂

      • My dog Bailey would absolutely love it here. Looks like a fun day out for all the family with the park and the beach.

  3. This is not overly far from where I am, I love finding new places to explore and if a car park is nearby then its a bonus.

  4. We used to love lepe it is so beautiful. but check out that restaurant! It is a lovely building though and built to blend with its surroundings and helpfully now it won’t flood so much

    • It’s really impressive and so well thought out too, we will be back to try the cake I think!!

    • The kids enjoyed the play area, some bigger play equipment which is good for the older ones

    • I don’t think I could anywhere away from the sea, I love having it within easy reach. It does make a lovely place to walk

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