Kite flying is one lovely childhood memory. Spending the hours in the sunshine flying a kite up high with not a care in the world. With it being National Kite Flying Day today I thought I would try out 3 of the best kites on Amazon. I didn’t search for anything particular, kids ‘Kids Kites‘. Having 3 kids meant I was able to get 3 different ones to try out and they were all going to be happy and we could give them a good testing. 

Kite flying is a great activity for children to do. It helps them develop strength and coordination. They have to learn how to launch it, how wind effects this and learn from their mistakes. Let alone the strengthening of holding it high up in the air! 

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3 Popular Kids Kites 

Huge Rainbow Kite For Kids – £12.90

This kids kite was for Sofia and she loved it. This was an Amazon choice at the time of ordering and had over 83% of 5 star ratings. I can see why! It was a perfect kids kite. Measuring 107cm and full of colour it looked fantastic up in the sky. Sofia was able to control the kite well and loved running around with it! 

We went kite flying in The New Forest as we could find a lovely open area with no overhead cables around and Wilverley Plain was slightly higher up and plenty of wind for us to fly them. However this kids kite says that it is an easy flyer even in light winds. It was pretty windy when we flew them so had no troubles getting it up in the air to fly by herself.

Tomi Kite Huge Rainbow Kite For Kids

This kids kite was for Lily. The rainbow tassels stood out to me for her! The Tomi Kite was very pretty up in the air, with 6 100″ rainbow tails blowing in the wind. The kite was large it’s self, 60 inches wide and 32 inches long! With 73% 5 stars it was again a popular one. 

This was very easy to fly, with no troubles getting the kite up into the air and she was able to do it all by herself. It has a 100m string so can fly very high!

Eagle Kite – £11.99

I decided to pick a different one for Tyler. He is 13 and when I spotted this huge eagle kite I knew he would be pretty impressed! 

Straight away we struggled with this one, it wanted to nose dive downwards and wouldn’t fly up easily. We were silly and didn’t put the kites together at home, so when it came to putting them together in the wind we struggled a bit! However no fault of the kite. So it wasn’t until we go home and looked into it a bit more, there was a bracket on the back that the poles stuck into that was facing the wrong way. This made the poles bend a different way and make the kite fly incorrectly. 

Once it was up in the air it looked amazing! I think Tyler will be looking forward to going out again and having another go where he didn’t struggle so much now we have fixed the poles properly.

This kite is huge, 180cm wide and 82cm tall. It really suited Tyler well as a 13yr old boy kite flying!

We had lots of fun kite flying with the children. They are going to be left in the boot of the car now to take with us on more walks. 

I found this place to visit through the Solent Kite Flyers website, they had a list of places to go which they think are good for kite flying along the South. 

Shop Kids Kites 

Kids kites are a great fun for getting kids outdoors and having outdoor fun. See what I thought of 3 popular kids kites from Amazon.

Hot Pink Wellingtons

Country Kids



  1. We love flying kites, so much fun! Especially with gorgeous blue skies as a background. Love the look of all of these kites, but the eagle is awesome! #countrykids

    • Yes we were very lucky, started off grey but the sun came out for us by the end and I loved the kites with the blue skies behind!

  2. Oh wow they’re not massively expensive either! What a good idea. Its not a childhood memory I favour really. I just remember lots of failed crashing and being upset. I guess designs have come on since the 80s!! #countrtkids

  3. I think my son would be pretty impressed with the eagle kite too. We love kite flying, it’s a great way to spend an afternoon.

    • Thank you, yes we had a great mixture of grey skies and then the beautiful sunshine came out for a bit.

  4. All those kites look amazing. My girls would adore the rainbow ones for sure. I’m tempted to order some for a trip to Cornwall next week. I think they would be a big hit

    • Yes they would LOVE them. It kept them amused for a couple of hours and can’t wait to give them another go

  5. I love all 3 of your kites!! As a child kiting was never my thing but I love it now with my own daughter. Our current kite is a giant dog we’ve called Bertie!! #CountryKids

  6. I always seem to pick the ones that don’t fly – they are all reasonably priced though and I may have to invest in the rainbow one

    • Yeah these had no problems flying and are meant to be easy fly ones so hopefully they will fly well for you too

  7. I love the look of joy on the girls faces. they clearly loved their kites and both look great, I don’t actually know which one I like most! Do any of them have double strings for doing turns and stunts? I remember this being a favourite with my kids – till they crashed to the ground! It does look like you found the perfect place for kite flying, we usually use the beach but that only works at low tide. Looking at your photos I could forget the hours I spent untangling string and want to give it another go.

    Thank you for sharing with me on #CountryKids

    • Haha! No I was lucky and they only had 1 handle so there wasn’t any tangling of strings! Saw someone with a two string one today and he was untangling them all!!

  8. Ohhh I love the look of all of these, that eagle looks majestic! We took Leo kite flying for the first time in the summer and he loved it, we live near the new forest too so will definitely check this spot out xx

    • Oh it’s so much fun, yes it was a nice spot in the New Forest so worth a visit

  9. How fun does this look! I used to love Kites when I was younger, well I still love them now. I can remember my Dad getting in a paddy when ours wouldn’t fly.

    Ami xxx

    • Ah it’s brilliant isn’t it! It was easy to fly them all, give it a go!

    • It’s SO cool isn’t it! My son loved the look of it when I got it for him too

  10. I’venot flown a kitein years I can’t wait to do so with Blake when he is a bit older. That eagel one looks pretty cool.

    • Ah you could do it now with him, this little toddler walking past us couldn’t take his eyes of the kite flying!

  11. I used to love flying kites as a child and it’s something we’ve not done yet with our girls. I actually brought one last year and forgot about it. This has reminded me to find it out. My girls would love a rainbow one. Thank you for joining us at #SharingtheBlogLove

  12. We love kite flying. I have three pocket kites I carry around with me to dig out at the right moments and they fly so well and are so easy to carry around and store

    • Yes pocket ones are a good idea, these ones wouldn’t fit in my pocket thats for sure!!

    • Yes we have the Southsea kite festival which is lots of fun to do, kids love it don’t they!

  13. We need a new kite and we absolutely love kite flying so off to investigate these further!

  14. Wow these kites look amazing! Flying a kite is one of the things I’d like to do this year 🙂

  15. I love the eagle one. I struggle to fly a normal kite though so I would definitely have struggled with this one too x

    • hehe! We managed to figure out what we did wrong to it so going to give it another go this weekend

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