My son’s new bedroom was the first room to be decorated, we got it all together but never got around to adding too many decorative pieces to the room. He’s also is a teenage boy and he’s not into too much fuss in his bedroom. Although when he was given the chance to review a mini neon light from  Neon87 for his room, he jumped at that chance as a neon light in his bedroom is really cool! 

Delivery and Packaging 

The delivery was quite slow due to the nature of the product and the busy Christmas period. I was kept informed throughout though updated regularly. The products are made to order and therefore you will wait longer for this item, so please keep this in mind if you’re ordering for a present. When the product arrived it was in good condition as it was well packaged and secure. 

Included in the box were the following items, the mini neon light, remote control and connector, power supply, command strips. It also had another little connector, but I don’t know what it was for! We’ve not used it, so I am not sure. There wasn’t any instructions or note inside the box. I do think it would be nice to have a little note in here from Neon87. 

It is supplied with a 2 metre cable that then attaches to the power adaptor, this gives you a big area to run the cable from the bottom of the mini neon light. Think about this when you are thinking about where to place your mini neon light. 

Sizing and Designs

My son picked an electric blue wave mini neon light for his bedroom, there were lots of designs to pick from but this one stood out to him. 

As you can see the mini neon light is a clear acrylic shape, with the neon tubing running through the acrylic to give the colour and design shape. So when picking you’re colour, think about what it will look like on the wall when it’s off, as well as lit. 

This wave mini neon size is 34cm x 7cm tall, but take a look at your chosen product to check the sizing for each one.

You can also pick from many different designs to suit your room, and when you select the design you want, you can then select the colour of the light from 10 different colours. This makes them really custom-designed for you and your interiors. 


My delivery didn’t have any fitting instructions in the box, but included a set of command strips that you can cut to size. You need to cut the strips down to fit the neon light, making sure you can’t see the strip from the front.

Place the two strips together, this will mean you have the two sticky pieces together correctly when attaching to the wall. Then peel back the backing of the piece you can see, and firmly press against the wall. The command strips work really well and it’s nicely attached to the wall. 

We put it in a place we could run the cable down the wall easily to reach the plug socket, and over my son’s bed, this works really well as the cables are hidden. Also, it works as a good sidelight! 

Remote Control 

What my son loved about this mini neon light is being able to control this with the remote control! You can adjust the brightness, mode, on and off. 

The modes circle through different settings that allow the light to flash or not, and different speeds of flashing. My son likes it on constant mode, so it just lights up his room. 

We think this mini neon light is such a cool product and would make a great gift for a teenager. Keep an eye out for discounts on their site. It would be very cool in a modern dining room with a large wall to fill and make a statement! 



  1. I have two boys who would really love that and the design. We are planning to move them to their own rooms and renovate this summer so i must keep them in mind

  2. Obviously I love a neon light! I’ve seen a lot of slogans about, but never something like this. A wonderful addition to the makeover.

  3. Ahh your son has great taste! My daughter probably would have picked the same thing. I love the look of the neon lighting and also how it’s not too over powering in the room. I think this would make a fab gift idea.

  4. I love neon lights. We have a couple of plastic LED ones in the kids rooms, but I would love a real neon sign at some point. This one looks fab!

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