Lighting in the kitchen might seem like an afterthought for most people, however, with clever design details you can transform even the simplest kitchen into something chic and sophisticated. With my extension plans coming together I need to start thinking about where my lighting will be installed. 

Kickboard lights in the kitchen are installed below the base of your bottom cabinets, and whilst it might seem an unnecessary place to install lighting there are many benefits to it. 

Benefits of kickboard lighting

Whilst it’s likely that you’re installing plinth lighting for a decorative effect, there are definitely other benefits to take advantage of.

Highlight your floor

Looking to draw attention to expensive tiles you’ve purchased and had installed? Then kitchen kickboard lights are a great way of doing this. They’ll draw the eyes down and emphasise the floor.

Create ambience 

Is your kitchen used for entertaining too? Then plinth lighting is a great option for when you don’t want any ceiling lights on. They’ll illuminate the room beautifully and create a cosy atmosphere without the glare of strong ceiling lights that are great for preparing food. 

See in the dark 

In anticipation of those nights when you want a midnight snack or drink, plinth lighting can help guide you to the area of the kitchen you want safely. These are particularly handy if you have a PIR sensor installed with them so they come on automatically as you walk past.

Kickboard lighting styles

When it comes to choosing the type of kickboard lighting you want in your home, you’ll have a choice of two options, continuous lighting or spotlights.


When you install spotlights into your plinth of the kitchen you’ll have a series of small lights facing outwards to add an accent light to the room. These are great for creating a uniform look in the kitchen, especially if you have spotlights installed in the ceiling or elsewhere in the room.


This type of lighting is installed as a strip, which typically goes across the length of the kickboard so it’s hidden out of site. This is a gorgeous option that creates a stunning visual effect in the room and looks beautiful when used on the kickboards of a kitchen island, as it creates a ‘floating’ appearance.

Adding dimension to your kitchen

Kickboard lights are great for adding another dimension to your kitchen, as the layered lighting gives plenty of visual interest when you walk into the room. Add depth and style to your kitchen with the installation of these kickboard lights, whether you choose spotlights or a continuous strip.


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