Kitchen Reveal and Tour!!!! 

I am so excited to share this with you guys, it’s been a long journey but we got there in the end! I have shared a few pictures over on Instagram of the new kitchen but not the full kitchen dining room and our new family home space. 

Now I want to give you a little reminder on what it looked like before because when I put my video together even I was shocked by the transformation!!! 

Kitchen Before 

Dining Room Before 

What we did was block up the lounge behind this photo, knock down the two walls on either side of the kitchen and built a side extension…………….

and we got this! 

We are over the moon with it and it sounds overdramatic but it really has changed our lives. It has created such a family room, where we can all be in here together doing separate things but still together. 

Kev can be cooking, but I can still chat with him and the kids can be involved with cooking so much more too. We have the space to be together. 

So I thought I would take you on a little tour of the room, why we picked things and where I got them from. If you want to see the video, have a watch here. 


So, of course, the main part of the room, the kitchen! It’s blue and very different! We originally picked navy blue as our unit colour, but once some drawings we’re made up I wasn’t keen on the big slab of dark blue on the right-hand side. This unit is our integrated fridge and freezer and it’s a very large unit. 

We felt it was too imposing, but wanted to have these large appliances, with a family of 5 it’s great to be able to bulk buy a bit more to keep costs down, fewer trips to the supermarket and we can also easily freeze up dinners for us.

So then the blue scheme! 

It’s a bit different, isn’t it!? We visited Landford Stone back when we were deciding about quartz worktops and found one we fell in love with and basically went along to our kitchen company and matched a lighter blue that went well. You’re be surprised at how different each blue looks when you match it with things. So it’s very important to do this, as a slightly different blue can go from a warm feeling to a cold and stark feeling. 

If you’ve been following along your know that the kitchen company went into liquidation on us, and left us with no kitchen doors and in a right mess. So the whole kitchen had been planned around the blue units they we’re providing! So I needed to find a company that could get me the correct blue doors that everything had been planned around!

The doors are solid ash wood doors with beading around and in the colour Fjord, blue kitchen doors and they work perfectly. 



We were pretty restricted on the layout for this kitchen, we needed to make the most of the space as much as possible, get everything in that we wanted and anything extra is a bonus!! We were used to a small kitchen with hardly any worktop space, so we knew this kitchen would feel massive to us! 

Things that were important to include was the

  • full-size fridge and freezer
  • sink in front of the window
  • dishwasher 
  • extra width worktop area 
  • use the same Rangemaster cooker 
  • everything integrated 
  • extractor fan hidden 
  • extra width drawers 
  • hidden bin 

So we got everything we wanted in this room and it works really really well. The large extra width worktop is amazing, we can dish out 5 dinners easily, my daughter loves baking on here and spreads everything out and I can sit at the bar stools and chat to Kev whilst he’s making dinner and not be in the way at all. 

We choose to have the bar stools on the end here so it allowed us to use this full length as more cupboards as well, and I am so glad we did as we use them for overflow plates, mugs and glasses. Keeping the everyday cupboards uncluttered and can find things easily. I also like sitting facing the garden and the rest of the room too. 

We wanted extra width drawers as I love having everything together in one place as much as possible. 

Having the plates in a drawer like this makes it really easy to get to, keeping the different sizes separated and not piled up on top of each means you can get to them easily, and stays organised.

A pan drawer that fits frying pans, saucepans and pots all together! 

Quartz Worktop 

I’m in love with this worktop. We visited the stone yard when we were planning the kitchen as they had an open day, they were offering 5% off the new range of worktops and a tour of the stone yard. I thought it would be a great idea to go along and have a good look around and see what Kev liked and an afternoon out together! 

But we found the worktop that we both loved and it wasn’t what we thought we wanted! 

Frozen Lake – Oyster Quartz 

So that was it, the quartz was picked and then we used the sample to pick the correct blue for the kitchen doors! Everyone loves this worktop when they visit, it’s something very different. It’s a grey tone with white veining throughout it, it’s stunning and feels amazing. 

I was scared by it when it first was installed! I was scared I was going to ruin it but with the correct instructions and trusting that it’s super hard wearing I am settling into it. I am still precious over it, teaching everyone to wipe up after themselves (which they should be doing now!) and using some silicone heat mats when putting the saucepans on it. It’s so nice to have a worktop that you don’t need to worry as much about the sink area, you don’t have to worry about the worktop getting wet, and you can really clean it well too. 

Gold Sink and Tap 

*Discount was given from Olif

Have you spotted the gold sink and tap yet?! Isn’t it beautiful and striking, I love it! 

Everyone was shocked when they saw this, even the quartz fitters! I got mixed reactions before it was installed, but now it’s installed everyone loves it and it works so well with the worktops and the blue kitchen units. 

It gives warmth with the cool tones of the room which instantly makes the room feel warmer and prettier. We do live in a hard water area and the watermarks do show up on the sink, but I think if you get into a very regular cleaning routine you would keep on top of this and keep it sparkling. 

We have the Alveus Monarch Variant 40 Gold, undermount sink with the Delfino gold tap.

The tap is stunning too, smooth to use and very pretty. I decided to have the tap placed off to the side of the sink so that I can swing the tap arm around to wash the quartz drainer down easily.  Both of these items are from Olif and came as a set. There is lots of options on sizing and layouts, it also comes in different colours too. 

Gold Kitchen Handles 

*Gifted for review from Dowsing and Reynolds 

To keep along the theme of gold and warming up the kitchen look, I picked gold kitchen handles from Dowsing and Reyolds and I am so impressed by these. As soon as they arrived and I got them out the box you can appreciate the quality of them. Really well made, solid and heavy. Now they’re on the kitchen doors every time you use them you can feel how good quality they are. 

There were lots of different combinations of handles to pick from, and each one came in different colours. I wanted something different, so picked a hexagonal-shaped one, called Hive and Hive T-Bar 

I didn’t want the door handles to really stand out, I wanted them to be simple but pretty. So I pick the bar handles for drawers, dishwasher, extractor and fridge/freezer. But even then I only picked smaller length handles, you can get them much bigger and make a statement with them. 

The rest of the cupboards all had little hexagonal pull handles in a t-shape. Just smaller enough to get your fingers around to open the doors. I think these work really well together and pull in the gold in the room. 


I kept all the appliances integrated so that I could keep the units clean and smooth of distractions, making the kitchen units more a piece of furniture, than practical kitchen units. 

The dishwasher is a Bosch dishwasher SMS46GX00G which I have been very pleased with, I really like Bosch appliances as I’ve had good success with previous appliances lasting a good amount of time and performing well. So if I can afford it then I will try and get Bosch appliances.

We had a little issue with the extractor fan! The original kitchen company suggested an extractor fan that was housed in the units so I couldn’t see it. I had a few changes made to the kitchen at one point along the way, including the addition of an extractor fan. Basically, all those changes were ignored (as he probably knew he wasn’t ever going to supply me with my full kitchen, so didn’t matter to him) so when these units were delivered, they were incorrect sizing, missing parts and no housing for an extractor fan. I had a bridging unit which should just be a unit with a front! 

We managed to track down a slimline extractor fan as it was important for me to keep it hidden, we found one! My new kitchen guy had to customise the unit we had and boxed it all in to make it tie in with the colours, but it works brilliantly and is just what I wanted. 

It’s an Elica Sleek 80cm built-in  cooker hood in stainless steel you can hardly see this and it just looks like another unit. 

The ventilation for the extractor fan goes along the top of the kitchen units and out the back of the house. It’s a plastic rectangle shaped flue, don’t get the silver tubing as it will fly around on top of the units when you use it! By having a large cornice along the top it shields the tubing so you cannot see it. 

We originally had the 90cm Rangemaster cooker and it’s a brilliant cooker for a family of 5, so wanted to keep this. It’s all-electric which we had to have for safety in the old kitchen due to its size and position. 



We decided that we didn’t want tiling all around the kitchen above the worktops, that we would just have upstands all the way around. I am really pleased we did as it keeps the worktop being the main focus and not too much going on everywhere. 

However, we do need to have something behind the cooker and I knew I would wait until the kitchen was finished to see what worked. We need something to warm this section up, but as we have the silver cooker I need to think carefully about what goes above it and coordinating with the blue and pink. 


Lighting In The Kitchen 

I really didn’t want to have strong lighting in this room, I wanted to keep it softer and more homely. But of course, it’s a kitchen and it needs to be practical as well as pretty! So we installed 6 spotlights in the ceiling, you don’t need anymore. The original plan was 12, then it went to 8 on a dimmer and then 6 on a normal light switch! 

As you can see they light up the room perfectly well and it would have been too much with anymore. 

Pendant Lighting 

*Gifted gold ceiling rose and cables from Creative Cables UK

So back to my pretty lighting! I picked 3 pendant lights over the large worktop and wanted to bring in the pink and gold colour scheme to this, it instantly softens the room and having pretty glass shades it’s not what you normally would have in a kitchen! But it ties in the dining room and blends the rooms together. 

Being able to purchase the ceiling rose and cables separately, allowed me to customise these to the exact look I wanted. Creative cables have so many didn’t lighting colour cables to pick from, so you can have just what you want. I picked a gold lamp holder and an Ivory twisted cable, so the focus was on the light fittings and gold rose

I did have a bit of an issue with these glass shades, the one I got out of the box to check fitted nicely, so I left them all off until all the major work was done in the kitchen and no risk of it being smashed by tradesmen. But when I went to put the other two shades on the cables, they didn’t fit! The hole in the middle of the shade that the fitting attached through was too small! I couldn’t hang them!! 

So I spent hours filing down the hole over and over to fit the fitting through!!!! I was expecting them to smash, but I couldn’t use them anyway so I might as well give it a go, and to everyone’s surprise, I did it!!! 

So it was so satisfying once they fitted and could all go up and I’ve had some lovely comments on them, so well worth it! 

Glass shades are the Ilaria blush grey we’re from MADE and are part of the Ilaria range which is a stunning range of glass lighting. The ceiling light in the dining room is from this range too. 

Over The Sink Lighting 

This was an addition as the build was going along, a light over the sink! The sink was being placed in the middle of the window, and as it’s gold I thought it would look amazing to have a light directly over it, lighting it up so make it look even more gold! 

As I don’t often use the spotlights, once dinner has been made, having this light and the pendant lights gives me a nice light to work under when tidying up the kitchen and pottering around. 

This stunning David Hunt Hyde single light fitting is perfect and it took me quite a while to find one that worked well with the colour scheme, the correct gold and shade that directed the light down. 

Dining Room 

Having a dining room that we can all fit in has changed our family life so much. This table is perfect for us all and can even be pulled out to fit 8 and then pulled out again to fit 10! We can have lots of people at the table and still have room to walk around it! 

I really enjoy being able to sit at the table and look out into the garden, it’s a bit messy at the moment but it won’t be long and we can get out there again and tidy it up!

We picked the table from MADE as it had the oak legs to coordinate with the flooring, white top to keep it light and not too much wood. Where it extends once to make 8 and another leaf to make 10 it would be perfect for us to fit people around it when they come over, but we can keep it at a 6 when it’s just us. 


My beautiful pink chairs are from Danetti and in a cantilever style with a gold finish. Don’t be put off by the velvet, they’re surprisingly easy to clean off if anything gets on them as long as you damp cloth them straight away. 

Be aware though there is a weight limit to them due to the cantilever style, if you’re OK with this then enjoy the subtle little bounce they give when you sit on them. 

We also have matching bar stools with a high back. I wanted these here as I struggle with my back to stand for too long, so I thought I could sit down when cooking at the worktop. But it’s also great for sitting and having a chat with Kev whilst he’s cooking the dinner and I don’t want to get in his way!!! Both chairs are super comfy and I’m really fussy on my seating! 

Dining Room Lighting

Well you can’t miss my dining room lighting, can you!! It’s a feature light that I wanted, and it really does make a WOW of the room! 

This Ilaria extra large pendant light is from the same range as the pendant lights it ties in nicely together, but be aware that they’re very bright once you put all the bulbs in. We purchased 40watt ones, you don’t need that high at all! 

It is very large, so take your measurements before you order this as my electrician couldn’t believe his eyes when he opened the box to fit this up!!! 

It also creates a stunning pattern on the ceiling and table when lit up, it’s a multicoloured pattern that is super pretty. 

Desk Area 

I’m so happy to have my desk in this beautiful bright light-filled room. My desk was always going to be placed in this room, the radiator has been moved as it was on this back wall, but I needed my desk on this wall otherwise the sunshine would be on the screen the whole time. Also not nice facing a wall with my back to the garden all day long, I would have loved it facing the garden if it worked! 

I had some plug sockets installed behind my desk cupboards for this, meaning my cables from my computer went direct down the back and not across the middle where my feet go. I always used to knock the cables and plugs, so I love not worrying about this now! 

As you can see I have a plant next to me, this is a Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree from Beards and Daisies which should hopefully grow tall and large, filling up this corner area. I do however need to look into some storage and filling this wall, as it’s all too bland and has no storage for the things I need at my desk. 


*Gifted skirting, architrave and window boards from skirting World 

I didn’t think it would be so tricky to pick a favourite skirting board style, but Skirting World has so many designs to pick from it was! Once I received some samples from them I could easily see which ones I loved. I wanted one which had some detail in it as we’ve always had plain skirting, but also not too many deep groves for the dust to sit in.

We went for the Ogee 1 at 120mm high, and I think it works super in our room. 

We still have some paint touching up to do as you can see, but the skirting came white primed which made it so much easier to paint. One coat of satinwood paint and their looking fantastic. 


I love my new radiators!! I saw that you could have the old looking style radiators but in a modern material, keeping the price down. 

I also didn’t want the normal chrome or plastic valves, so asked my plumber to pick up some gold ones. You should have seen the apprentice’s face when I said gold, he even confirmed that he heard correct! 

However look how nice they are, and how they work perfectly with everything else gold in the room. 

Gold Sockets and Handles 

To keep the colour scheme flowing we also had gold plug sockets and switches in a satin gold finished. I do wish I had picked white inserts rather than the black though. 

Trying to find brushed gold handles and locks was tricky, I got these ones from The Door Handle Company which work perfectly together and look good against the gold switches too. 

I couldn’t find any photos of brushed gold handles on the Oak doors, so kept my fingers crossed that they worked together well, and I think they do. We wanted to go for the Oak doors to bring a bit more warmth into the room again. 


Oh, this was an issue to keep us busy for a while, what window coverings do we use on the large patio doors! 

We left them with nothing on for a while to see how we felt about the room, but when I was getting the sun directly on my computer screen I was struggling to work, so we needed to make a decision. 

  • Needed to be able to adjust them so they can be fully open, part open or all the way 
  • Not covering the glass too much to obstruct the view 
  • Not massively expensive 
  • Work with the colour scheme 
  • Can’t be hanging down the edges like curtains due to the patio door position 

So we went for roman blinds from Blinds 2 Go

Blinds 2 Go have so many different fabrics to choose from and offer free samples. I do suggest you get lots of samples as they look very different once you get them home in your house. You can add your measurements into the website and it instantly gives you the price of them. 

We went for the Bursting Berries Vintage Linen pastel pink fabric range, but it also comes in two other colour ranges too. It was perfect as it pulled all my colours in the room together and gave a bit of well-needed pattern to the room. 

The only downside I’ve found to these roman blinds, is they’re quite noisy to pull up and down with the metal cord. Electric ones would have been great!!!! 

Solid Wood Flooring 

We thought long and hard about the flooring in this room, we’ve always wanted wood flooring. After speaking to the sales guys at Stories Flooring we were advised not to install solid wood flooring in a kitchen however if we were careful to clean up any water spillage immediately then it should be okay. We love the warmth it gives and with this blue colour scheme, we really felt it needed a bit solid area to warm it up. 

Practical? No, not really but it also has its benefits, as it’s solid wood floor and not a thin layer, we can sand down any marks, dents, and spills that happen. We have the 20mm thick Elegant Natural Oak, so that will take a lot of sanding to get through that! 

Since we’ve had it, the dog has been sick on it, we’ve spilled liquids on it, mud from the garden, and kids craft stuff over it, but do you know what, it tells a story!!!! It was never going to look pristine with a family of 5, so I will just accept it’s going to have a rustic look to it!  

Valspar Paint Colour Match 

We used Valspar colour match paint again, we love it and love how it goes on the walls as well. I paint sampled so many different colours, I wanted a warm beige colour on the walls and so many were beige but not warm. I tried out the Earthborn paints and found ‘Donkey Ride’ as soon as it went on the walls it was perfect, even my son wanted it in his bedroom! 

That’s IT – Our Blue and Gold Kitchen

Now we just have to live in it and enjoy our new family space. We love it so much already and it’s changed our lives as a family so much. I will slowly start adding some character to the room with the things we love.

Stick with me over on Instagram and Facebook where you can follow our renovations. I would love to see your renovations too, so use my new hashtag 




  1. Oh my! It’s a thing of pure beauty!

    What a beautiful home you have, I can’t even tell you how much I love the front room as well!

    • Ahhhh thanks! I am so pleased we pushed the boundaries and went with something different!

  2. There’s so much attention to detail Steph – you really have thought of everything. Your kitchen looks amazing and I’m not surprised you are over the moon with it. I love the gold accessories – even on items like radiators. It’s what really makes it special. Well done girl! x

    • Ah thank you so much Lauretta, we are over the moon with it and so glad I went with those little touches

    • Oh thank you, it’s hard to choose stuff when you haven’t got the room done that your decorating! I kept my fingers crossed it all worked!!

  3. You must be thrilled! What a transformation. I’m in love with those pretty mermaid tiles and the dining room lights. And off to investigate those gold taps too…xx

    • Ah thank you so much, I’m over the moon with it all and a very lovely room to be in

  4. Oh wow! That looks amazing! I am so jealous!
    I love the colour and that sink! I don’t think I’ve ever seen a gold sink before and the lighting above the dining table is just beautiful. x

    • Thank you very much, I’m so pleased with how it’s all come together. Hard when it’s all in your head and your not sure if it will work!

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