I decided I wanted to add a CCTV camera to the back of our house after a bad dream one night and a right panic I was being burgled! The very next days the guys from Safe contacted me to see if I was interested in collaborating with them on a product review! Safe.co.uk have picked the best security products and devices for your home or business, so I had a great selection of items to pick from. After my bad dream the night before I knew I would love to try out one of their smart wireless security cameras and picked the Arlo Smart Wireless Security Camera

Video Review 

I have also put together a video of it being set up and used. 

Arlo Smart Wireless Security Camera Review

Included in the box is everything for you to install the wireless security camera, including the screws to attach the wall mount to the wall. 

Setting Up 

You can set up and control the wireless security camera from an app on your phone, it’s compatible with both Android or iOS. It was easy to install with a step by step sections on the app to follow. 

You need to set up an account with your details and verify your email. The Arlo base station is mains powered, needs connecting to the router and your internet. It did have trouble updating this when we first tried to connect it, but we went through the process a couple of times and then it started to update fine. 

You also need to then pair up the Arlo security camera to your phone, this way you can then control the settings and see what the camera sees. I liked the fact that this came with the batteries included, as their not your standard batteries. 

Setting Up The Camera 

Then you’re ready to go and you can now see what the camera sees on your phone. I recommend going through all of this before you attach the camera to the wall, as this means you can see what will be recorded easily. 

Get up to where you think you want the camera to mark the space before you screw it into the wall, but once you’ve done this it’s easy to attach. 

The wireless Arlo security camera has a strong magnetic base unit that it attached to, this also means it’s very easy to move around to get the right angle. It has a wide-angled 110 degrees recording area so you can get a lot of it in view. 

It has pretty much all of my garden in its view!

It also has night vision and this is what I could see on it late one night!

Free 7 Day Cloud Storage 

Arlo has a motion detection within the camera, so when it detects motion it will start recording. You can adjust the length of time it records from 10-120 secs. So all of these add up but Arlo comes with free 7-day cloud storage to build a library of your footage on. This library can be accessed from your phone app. 

I love that you can add more cameras to this as well, so don’t just stop at one! This one is waterproof but can be used indoor or outdoor depending on where you need to be covered. 

It also comes with a little sticker! 


We’ve been very happy with the wireless Arlo security camera, it’s so dinky and could easily be tucked away somewhere and not be noticed. Priced at £169 from Safe I think it’s a pretty good price for a good piece of kit. 

*I was sent this for the purpose of the review, however, all words are honest and of my own. 



  1. I love that this links to your phone. We were unfortunately broken into last summer through our back door and have been researching different security options to help secure our home.

    • Horrible that you’ve had to go through that, I hope you find something that makes it more secure and reassures you

  2. We live on the top floor of a tenement building, so have never really consider CCTV. But if we lived on the ground floor I’d definitely want to be covered!

  3. I do love this wireless security camera, I have moved into a bigger place and looking for a good security camera that is affordable.

  4. A friend was recently burgled and is now worried about leaving their home unattended. I will pass over the company as it sounds like a great device.

    • Ah I’m sorry to hear that, it’s horrible and disgusts me how people think they can do that to peoples home. I hope she finds something that makes her feel more reassured.

  5. I would love to get one of these purely to spy on the dog when we’re not at home. I bet he sprawls out on the sofa as soon as we’ve gone!

    • Yeah I expected them to all so be so expensive too, but this is pretty reasonable

    • It gets loads in doesn’t it! Great to be able to cover the whole of the garden

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