Each year we try to visit a big firework display. So this year we decided to go to Beaulieu Motor Museum in The New Forest, and it was AMAZING!


Your notice the little Peeka Puffs popping up in this blog post, they had a great adventure with them that day!

Beaulieu opens its doors to the firework ticket holders at 3pm, we arrived just before so had a little queue to wait in, but once it was opened it didn’t take long to go down. Be aware though, that your ticket does not include a few things, one of the main things was the monorail.

We ventured off into Beaulieu grounds to explore what was on offer, the fairground was up and running, with rides and food outlets to purchase any type of food you could want!

Beaulieu house and Abbey was open until 5pm, so had a little look around there.


A little park, car rides and gardens to walk around.


Once 5pm came, it was starting to get dark, so we did what everyone else did and went to look around the Motor Museum. Filled with every car, bike, and motor vehicle you could think of!



There are a few areas where you can interact with things, find out information and pose for pictures!



The kids had a good time looking around, although you might struggle to read any information about the vehicles if your with kids, as they are so excited and want to get to the next thing as quickly as possible!

Once we had finished inside, we went outside to get something to eat. The fairground was all lit up now, and looked really good! We thought we would do the rides after the fireworks…..bad idea everyone else thought that too and the queue was massive! The ferris wheel was a no go, but the carousel was a bit better, so they made it onto that one.



We found a spot on the path way to eat our tea, as there wasn’t anywhere to sit outside, unless you went into the cafe. There we stayed until the fireworks.

beaulieu-5 beaulieu-4

The fireworks were amazing, set to a theme which was ‘Movies’ this year. The fireworks were perfectly in time with the music, these fireworks are by far the best display I have ever seen, and well worth a visit!

We stayed on after the fireworks, which I would recommend. We stayed on and had a coffee in the warm!

Next years event is already in their diary….. 28th October 2017




  1. Sounds lovely! Fair grounds at night are magical places for sure. x

  2. It looks amazing and such a great idea to have it organised in a place where there are other things to see and do and keep the kids busy and, more importantly, warm this time of the year!

  3. Oh wow, it looks great there! The fireworks look fab, and the fairground would be great fun. There’s nothing like that around here, I wish there was!

  4. What a beautiful place. My girls would have loved the carousel! We went to a local village one this year and there wasn’t any music at all and i felt it didn’t have the same effect. I love the big displays that play to music the best x

  5. How awesome does that fair and fireworks look? I SO wish we had stuff like that happening near us, the only firework display we got to see was the neighbours lol xx

  6. Beaulieu is such a lovely place. I have fond memories of my trip there during a school exchange when I was 14. We had so much fun there and loved the way people pronounced “Beaulieu”. It sounds so lovely in English yet so plain in French 🙂

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