We were lucky enough to get sent a pair of Peeka Puffs for my girls to play with and review, however we wanted to take them on an adventure with us and show you how much fun we can have with them.


Peeka Puffs are a fuzzy cuddly toy which can’t stop popping!

These toys are so portable, and they easily can be popped into your childs pocket or bag. This meant my girls could easily take them on our adventure to Beaulieu fireworks.


Peeka Puffs hide their little cheeky faces, and when popped out they reveal their face.


Inside is a plastic disc, when the plastic disc is concave, the face is hidden. The disc then is pushed from the other side to make it convex, this then makes the face pop out and be seen! My girls find it a little hard to push the disc out,  but I think once they have got the hang of it more and the disc has softened it will be easier. It is such a simple idea, but they love it!


We had a lovely time at Beaulieu, it was their firework night, so it was a full on afternoon and evening. The Peeka Puffs had a great time, just look at when they got up to…….

Hidden in the leaves


Riding on cars




Being used as a ball


Saw some F1 cars


Taken on a car


Met some characters


Rode on a carousel


Met Brum


and went on a motorbike


Didn’t we have so much fun!!! Although the best bit was watching the fireworks…..


Peeka Puffs also come with a comb and hair clip so you can style your Peeka Puff, and with 3 to collect, blue, pink and purple.

Have a look at my Peeka Puff video to see them in action.

*Product Review



  1. Love this! I love that they have gone out on adventures with you 🙂 My girls would obsess over these 🙂

  2. Looks like your girls had a fab time with these cute and cuddly toys

  3. These look like SO much fun and i love that they come in different colours with a comb and a hairclip to style their hair. xx

  4. Gosh, those Peeka Puffs sure had a busy time with you – looks like you had a lot of fun. The fireworks display sounds fantastic. 🙂

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