I spend a lot of time at my desk working on my computer, like many people nowadays screen time is a huge part of our lives. From watching TV, playing games, working on the computer and watching Netflix!

With this in mind BenQ have designed a stylish e-Reading LED lamp to help improve the lighting conditions of our working or leisure areas. BenQ have been looking into the interaction between people and the lighting environments when we are using electronic devices. They have found most of us are working in inefficient lighting, this can affect our eyes with the reflected glare. 

So they wanted to send me the light to try out on my desk and see if it helped my working conditions. 

BenQ e-Reading LED Desk Lamp Key Features 

Extra Wide and Evenly Brightness Distribution 

First off you will notice the extra wide size, this gives you a coverage of 35 inches and provides 150% wider coverage than the average lighting offered by a standard desk lamp. I noticed this straight away, there was so much of my working area and screen lit up. It was so nice to be able to see everything clearly! 

Touch Sensitive 

I love that I don’t need to scramble around with the cable to control the light. The silver ring is touch sensitive on the top of the lamp, so it is easy to turn on and off. However they haven’t stopped at just on and off, you can control the colour and how bright you want the light too. by just a turn of the wheel on the top. 

With a choice of cool white tones for more focus when working

or warm white colour for a relaxed lighting for reading or chilling. 

Looks Great 

Being an interior blogger the look of the light was important to me too, the BenQ e-Reading LED Desk Lamp also comes 5 colour ways but I chose to go for the white and gold colour scheme. This works perfectly with my gold and white office area. 

The cable is in a gold stitching style cable, white body of the light and gold light section. The light is hidden inside the gold section too, so looks very neat. 

Easy Assembly 

It arrives well packaged and quite flat packed. It only took about 5 minutes to put together with a screwdriver. It is pretty heavy, but this keeps it nice and stable. It also is very flexible on where you can place this, as long as you keep the light directly over the middle of the screen then you can move the arms around. 


The BenQ e-Reading LED Desk Lamp isn’t the cheapest of lights, however you won’t be disappointed with it. It is such good quality, provides a fantastic light distribution and looks stylish too. That is very unusual for a desk lamp! The RRP is £179 however check out Amazon for an updated price, I also have a discount code for you to use up until 31st March 2018 

“BenQ Webstore” seller to use this discount with coupon code: BENQ10EF. Promotion codes are applied for all color options. 

*Post Contains Affiliate Links * I was sent the BenQ e-Reading lamp for the purpose of this review, however all opinions are honest and of my own. 



  1. I could definitely do with this lamp, I am often on my computer at work all day then when I return home for my blog and normally my lap is not that good. I love that this is touch sensitive

  2. This would go so well with my room. My desk is a really dark part of the room, which makes working in winter quite tricky. This would be perfect.

  3. Dean of Little Steps Reply

    Oh my goodness, that’s a really sleek looking desk lamp. I want one like that. I love the way it hovers over your desktop. If only it wasn’t too late to put that on my Christmas wish list.

  4. That looks very chic and Swedish in design :-)!! I love the light it gives off, it makes such a difference xx

    • Yes I think your paying for the quality, and I was shocked by the price until I got it and now love it!

  5. What a great lamp. I cannot believe the improvement in lighting from it and it is great that you can adjust the brightness x

    • Ah yes I should have pictured my old lamp on the desk to show the difference! It made a lot of difference though and very pleased with it

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