Fun fact, did you know that 44% of UK households have a pet? Pets in homes are increasing year on year, with 4% more households owning them this year, than in 2016! This is our guide on the best floors for your pets, and how to maintain them!

Practical Flooring 

Our best suggestion would be Luxury Vinyl Tiles (LVT). The durability of LVT is probably the main factor in this, as it’s made for heavy footfall. It’s unlikely to show many signs of damage, compared to other floorings. It also has good friction, to ensure your pets aren’t sliding around the house! It’s also very water-resistant, so if your pets has an accident, it’s very easy to clean up.

What To Avoid 

We’d suggest you try to avoid hardwood floors for a number of reasons. Hardwood isn’t overly water-resistant, unless you have a lacquered finish. Lacquer is somewhat resistant to water, and can be easier cleaned, be oiled floors will leave marks and damage behind. The main issue with wood flooring is the that scratch marks do show, and unless you pet’s nails are getting trimmed, they can very quickly become damaged.

Hard Wearing Flooring 

If you’re most worried about the damage caused to your floor, then laminate may be the one for you, it’s also incredibly cost effective. Laminate will vary rarely mark or scratch unless great stress is put upon it. The main issue with laminate is the lack of friction, will mean if you have a lively pet, it is likely to be skidding around your house!


Many places would suggest to you that laminate is the best option on the market, and we can’t argue it is certainly the most cost effective flooring out there. However, if you’re willing to push the boat out a little more financially then Luxury Vinyl Tiles is definitely the best out there, due to it’s durability, water resistance, and good levels or friction, and we that would be our top recommendation. For any more advice, visit!

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  1. Stunning!!!This is so useful, we’re thinking of getting a dog and I hadn’t even considered our flooring as our house is mainly carpets but I am loving the floors here. They look easy to maintain.Thanks for sharing such an inspirational post.

  2. there is so much to think about when you have a pet isn’t there? x

    • I really like what the LVT offers as well, so many different colours and textures

  3. My partner had laminate flooring at his last house and it was much easier to keep clean than carpet but we don’t want to dig up the floor in our new house as I like warmth beneath my feet! It would make it so much easier for cleaning up after messy mealtimes with the kids too…

  4. We don’t have pets but this sounds a lot like having small children – which is why we opted for laminate.

  5. Dean of Little Steps Reply

    We don’t have hardwood flooring, mostly carpet and slate stone in our kitchen. Our dog finds that cold I think even though he has his own bed. He likes to sleep in our landing 🙂

  6. This is so useful! We’re thinking of getting a dog and I hadn’t even considered our flooring!

    • Have fun deciding what one you want, there are so many lovely breeds to chose from

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