Are you ready for the heatwave we are going to have next week?! If not, then get ready for it as I think finally a summer might be arriving. We have been patiently waiting for the summer to arrive as we have had a brand new BBQ to review!

We were sent the Char-Broil T-22G Gas Barbecue to review and hubby was just a tiny bit excited about this arriving! In the past we have tried charcoal BBQ’s and we have never got on with them, either he would really burn the food and the kids refused to eat them, or it took so long to cook we all got bored with waiting. Either way it just never worked and we soon went off the idea.

So when the Char-Broil T-22G Gas Barbecue turned up, hubby was like a kid in the sweet shop. It is a really good looking BBQ and looks really smart in the garden.


It comes completely flat packed and delivered on a pallet, but was still in a large box. This is how it was delivered and everything out of the box.


It did take hubby about an hour to put together, the gas pipe was a little tricky to get together and of course he wanted to make sure this was safe.


You need to purchase the gas from a calor gas supplier, we went to our local B&Q and collected from there. At the time of purchasing, it cost us £39.99 to take out the calor gas agreement. This is so you can have the gas canister and when your run out of gas you can just return to get more gas. When you have finished with the canister you return it and you are refunded this £39.99. You also need to purchase the gas on top of that, at the time of purchasing it cost around £35 for a large canister. So this initial cost is a bit more than I expected!

So once we had our gas we were ready to use it, it was easy to connect up to the BBQ, and as it is gas we were ready to start using it and get cooking!


We only went for the 2 burner option, so the smallest version but it doesn’t look small and we had plenty of room to cook our dinner on. Char-Broil were one of the first manufactures to make a smaller sized premium gas BBQ, which includes all the features of a fullsize gas grill with the convenience of a reduced footprint for smaller spaces.

It is also very easy to move around, if you wanted to tuck it out the way when you’re not using it and pull it out easily when your going to use it. With two shelves either side that fold flat out the way, it is so easy to store.


When it came to cooking, hubby was in his element. He is the cook in the house and often does dinner, but this was different and he really enjoyed cooking on the Char-Broil T-22G Gas Barbecue. He found it easy to cook on, easy to control the heat and because of the Char-Broil’s TRU-Infrared Cooking System the food cooks evenly; the heat was more controlled from a slow cook to a fast heat, the resulting food juicer with no flare ups and not anywhere as smokey and smelly as other BBQ’s. He was SOLD!



He loved the control of temperature. With the handy temperate gauges on the front you could see what temperature it has got up to and it heated up very quickly due to the gas, and was ready to cook on in no time.


It has a handy warming shelf for when the food has finished cooking but other items are still cooking, keeping that food lovely and warm.


What we didn’t realise until we read the instructions was that you can add wood chips underneath the grill to give a smokey taste to the food. So if you want to convenience of the gas but want a bit of woody taste then these would work perfectly for you.

What stood out to me was the quality. The Char-Broil T-22G Gas Barbecue is a professional BBQ and you can tell that by the build quality.  The cast iron grates are solid and quite heavy but they are really easy to clean, provided is a handy little scraper to remove the food. Their tip is to turn it up to full after you have finished to turn the food to ash, scrape off and it will come up pretty clean.


Underneath is a cupboard, I did think that you could hold the gas bottle in this area, it did look like you could but it states that you mustn’t and to place the canister to the back or side. However the door does have little hooks to store your utensils on.


We are over the moon with the Char-Broil T-22G Gas Barbecue, priced at £299.99 this is a nice investment and you are getting so much for your money. This is a top quality and I can imagine this BBQ is going to last us a very long time. I strongly recommend you get a cover for it too to keep it in good condition and working well.

*We were sent the Char-Broil T-22G Gas Barbecue for the purpose of this review, however all opinions and words are honest and of my own.

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  1. Oh wow this looks great!! I think my husband would pass out if we got this to review haha. Perfect for the weather we’re having 🙂 x

  2. Such a great review. We had a gas be similar to this and in love how convenient it is. Works instantly! Hubby prefers coal so we now use a standard BBQ but I do miss our gas one!

  3. Ahh the men loveee a bbq don’t they! This looks fab. Lets hope you get the weather to use it soon!! x

  4. wow this looks fab – I’d love a good sized bbq in out garden. Thank goodness the weather is cheering up so you can make lots of use of it x

  5. Best review ever! I love the details you offer. Already in love with this BBQ. I love my old one but this make me think more. Thank you!

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