Halloween is almost here which means it’s time to riffle through your dressing up box for a suitably scary costume and decide what kind of horrific-ly delicious treats (or tricks) you can welcome your guests with. Whether it’s a blood thirsty cocktail for adults or a hair-raising devilish delight for little ones, Cherry Good has a range of thrilling recipes to enjoy.

I have been trying out one of their recipes, I did think that the Cherry Good juice was going to be sharp but when it was mixed with the Lemonade it was so tasty.

Vampire Blood Fizz



1 carton of Cherry Good

1 bottle of lemonade

Crushed ice

Jelly worms

Jelly teeth


  • Find a big punch bowl. Add some of the crushed ice
  • Pour in the Cherry Good
  • Add in a few jelly worms over the side of the glass and some jelly teeth to decorate

Blood-Red Cherry Punch


1.5 litres of Cherry Good

1 litre of ginger ale

1 generous squeeze of lemon juice

1 tablespoon of grenadine

Frozen cherries for decoration


  • Find a large punch bowl and add in all of the ingredients
  • Pour into tumblers and add in a small handful of frozen cherries

Another idea you can create with Cherry Good, although this is not child friendly!

Bubbly Cherry Broth


1 cup prosecco or white sparkling wine
3 tablespoons of Cherry Good
Hefty splash of ginger ale
1-3 Cherries


  • Combine all ingredients in a chilled drink glass. Skewer cherries, or simply plop into the glass
  • Serve chilled!


*We were sent a carton of Cherry Good to try out a recipe for the purpose of this post.



  1. Granadine! Seeing that in a recipe is pure nostalgia, I was allowed that as a kid and thought I was so grown up! This drink sounds delicious!

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