It is Gus‘s first Christmas, so I am planning on getting him some little presents for him too. I am sure he won’t even care, but we want to give him some presents too. He is part of the family now, so deserves a present!

I popped out a request to see what was out there, and I was quite surprised by how many great things that are out there for your pets. I hope you like what I have picked out for Gus.

*Post contains affiliate links, and items marked with a * are items I have received samples of to try out myself. Prices are correct at the time of publishing

1. *Chuckit Ball Launcher Glow In The Dark £9.97 – I haven’t had a dog that doesn’t like playing fetch, Gus is 5 months old and loves it. Tennis balls are his weakness, and this Chuckit Ball Launcher is great quality, it is nice to hold with good grip, throws at a great distance and even glows in the dark. So your evening walks don’t have to stop during the winter!

2. *Forthglade Christmas Dinner x7 £8.75 – I can now give Gus Christmas Dinner on Christmas Day with us, A grain free dinner packed with turkey, cranberry and parsnip! Gus had a sample to try, and it went down very well!!

3. *Personalised Christmas Stocking £16 – His very own Christmas stocking, the kids think this is fantastic, and I am sure Father Christmas will pop something in his stocking for him.

4. *FURminator DeShredding Tool £23.99 (large) – This is such a great tool to help keep on top of the shredding and fur of your dog. I wrote a post on ‘How to cope with the muddy walks‘ and featured the FURminator products.

5. The Super Stick £10.99 – You mustn’t let your dog play with sticks, they can shatter or get lodged in the dog throat. However they love to play with them, so how about a dog friendly stick toy! Made from durable, natural rubber, they are a much safer option for your pet to fetch than a real stick.

6. Sophie Allport Dog Bed from £28 – How beautiful is this dog bed, a nice comfy dog bed is just what your dog needs on a cosy night in with you. Washable too!

7. IAMS Minis Dog Treats – Lamb and Cranberry, these little dog treats are great for rewarding good behavior and training treats, quick and easy to eat they will be happily listening to you!

8. *XLCork Dog Collar £14 (large) – How funky are these dog collars, made from cork and a soft black lining of PU leather, it is very comfy for the dog to wear. It looks pretty stylish too!

9. *Pettura Calming Liquid £24.99 – It is very easy to forget how stressful Christmas can be dogs, there is lots of noise, more visitors to the home, fireworks and lots for them to cope with. So how about trying something like Pettura Calming liquid, works in 15 minutes, and can just be added to their food to eat easily. Drug free, combines valerian, chamomile, L-Tryptophan and ginger root to soothe stress and promote calming.

10. Happy Jackson Dog Food Tin from Wild and Wolf £17.74 – This 15 litre dog food tin is a great place to store your dogs food. Look smart out on the side, with “Dog Food – Dear human, you are so awesome! Now FEED me!”

11. *Eukanuba Healthy Dog Treats 200g bag x 6 £14.81 – These are great for when you are just wanting to give your dog a treat, but not used as training treats. I have been using them for when Gus goes into his crate, or gets into the car, so 2-4 biscuits a day.




  1. Thanks for all the great ideas for gifts! I think the calming liquid and ball thrower are my favorites. I think the calming liquid could also be before grooming your dog if you do it yourself, that way they are relaxed 🙂

  2. Some lovely ideas for gifts, we have just added a new puppy to our family so I must remember to buy her a little something for Christmas.

  3. All Paw Parents must have is #4 Furminator,
    that’s a great idea too as a gift for your beloved puppy :-), thanks for those idea.

  4. What a lovely gift guide. If i still had a dog I’d buy lots of these ideas! we used to have two dogs in the family and know that most of these would have been perfect gifts xx

  5. Aww I didn’t even realise you could get dogs so much! Tensuper stick is such a great invention, the amount of dogs who get splinters or end up choking is crazy! I’m the kind of pet owner who will buy them their own animal friendly Christmas dinner as a special treat, wouldn’t want them missing out haha x

    • I meant “the super” not tensuper ha ha, must check my spelling before clicking send!

  6. That’s brilliant ideas for a dog. We don’t own a doctor so can’t relate to these but I am sure your dog will love them.

  7. What lovely ideas! I would definitely buy my dog a Christmas present too, if I had one haha! I think I will buy a little something for my Mum’s puppy though. The sticks are a great idea and the dog bed you’ve chosen is lovely too x

  8. Oh my gosh….i LOVE those Super Sticks. I’ve totally just ordered a couple for my sisters’ dogs, thanks for the recommendation lovely! xx

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