Is everyone getting excited about Christmas?! I just cannot believe how quickly it is approaching, we use to put our decorations up on the 1st Dec but it seems to have moved to the 1st weekend of Dec now.

We have a very large Christmas tree that has been handed down to us, in our previous houses it worked great. You can fill a corner of the room with this Christmas tree and not feel imposing.

It just doesn’t work in this house, we need something smaller, thinner and but still the quality.

I am sadly allergic to real Christmas trees so cannot have real ones.

I have been looking around for some Christmas tree inspiration and I was very surprised by the different types of trees you can get! There is something for everyone from traditional to very modern or unusual. What every takes your fancy!

Multi coloured spiral 4ft tree or White pop up Christmas 6ft tree

Multicoloured Spiral Christmas Tree with Lights - 4ft                                         White Pop-Up North Pole Christmas Tree - 6ft

Or more of a traditional look

Slim 6ft Norway or Swift 6ft Flocked Noble


Then I came across this really unusual wooden Christmas tree


This look from Homebase is so Christmassy and cosy, I can’t wait to get the decorations up now!




  1. Many thanks for featuring our Wooden tree Stephanie, they’ve been getting quite a bit of attention this year, which has been lovely.

    I hope you managed to find one to fit your house?

    • They are such interesting items! Found a 5ft slim tree for the house in the end. Have a lovely Christmas

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