Are you looking to create a hallway bench and hallway shoe storage? This IKEA Kallax Hallway Bench hack using the Kallax storage system is a brilliant way to gain hallway shoe storage and hallway seating. Take a look at how we made ours. 

As you can see we had to make a custom built hallway storage and bench in our house due to the shape of the walls. This is because this area includes the old hallway in our new house extension. It also meant we could fit in 5 storage cupboards as we’re a family of 5. 

IKEA Kallax Hallway Bench and Shoe Storage 

We used the following items to create this IKEA Kallax hack

Positioning The Units 

Start by placing out your storage units on the floor in the area you want them to fit. The depth was determined by the 1 smaller unit on the left, but this gave us a nice depth for the unit to sit on. Then draw on the walls where your units will sit against.  

Use a small piece of timber along the back to join the two units together, this keeps them secure and not slipping around. 

Hiding The Gaps 

The units aren’t flush against the walls, so by placing a slightly larger section of white furniture board to the end of the unit you can hide the gap, and neaten up the end panels. This makes it look more of a built-in unit too, we just used grab adhesive for this. 

We added one on each send of the bench, and it looks so much better than seeing the bookcase edges. 

Add-In Supports For Top

As there is a gap at the back, you will need to add on a small batten that runs along this area. This is to sit the top onto for some support. 

Adding Top To Hallway Bench 

We used grab adhesive to attach the top layer of the hallway bench onto. This means there isn’t any screws that are seen, and it’s not really going to move once it’s sat on here. 

Use a clamp the first sections on the end down tightly. This is so you can easily knock the next piece of wood into the first one, without it falling off the end. 

Gently put in each piece of flooring until you reach the end and it’s fully covered. 

Let the adhesive dry, and you shouldn’t get any movement in the boards. 

Finish Off The Edges and Oil

As you can see there are small gaps and holes on the wood, you can use a wood filler to fill in these before you oil the wood so neaten up the ends. We also caulked around the unit, walls, and in-between each unit with white caulk. This made a big difference to how it looked. 

We always use Osmo oil in clear matt on our oak items, it’s a beautiful colour and goes on so well. It protects the wood and keeps a lovely colour to the oak. 

Add In The Doors 

IKEA does door inserts for these cupboards, so adding one onto each section allows you to hide all the shoes, and keeps them in one place. We added handles from HomeSense to each door to make it look more unique. 

Finished IKEA Kallax Hallway Bench and Shoe Storage 

We are over the moon with this IKEA hallway bench and shoe storage, it’s hidden all way and fits perfectly in this gap. It looks made to fit and didn’t cost too much either. 

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  1. Wow, that turned out so professional looking – I’d never have thought it was flat pack. I bet it makes the world of difference to have that storage too.

  2. This looks great! I have a small Ikea unit in the entrance way to our flat. We use it for shoes, hats, gloves and scarves and it makes everything look so much neater

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