When we completed our main bedroom renovation a few months ago it looked beautiful. However, the bed didn’t fit in with the colour scheme. It was dark brown wood and that didn’t fit in with my white and grey theme at all!

We were always knocking our thighs on the end of the bed, hubby’s feet touched the wood at the end and we were always having to set up the pillows behind us when we were sat up in bed. It wasn’t comfy to watch TV in bed with the wooden headboard.


So taking all these things into consideration we had an idea of what type of bed we wanted.

  • Comfy padded fabric headboard to comfortably sit up in bed
  • No end to the bed
  • Storage underneath
  • Comfy mattress

So with those ideas in mind, we headed off to my local Dreams store in Fareham. I was greeted by Tam, who was friendly and super helpful.

I didn’t know what type of mattress I was interested in so he took me through all the options, from soft to firm. It was really easy to know which mattress I preferred as soon as I laid on the different types. Once I knew what type of mattress I liked (medium firm) then he showed me which options I had in store.

They had a new range just come in, the TheraPur Rapport mattress range and Tam was keen to show me this mattress. This is an exclusive range at Dreams and the TheraPurRapport mattress combines both 1000 traditional pocket springs with a 2 cm layer of ActiGel.


I have heard of the memory foam topping but never the Gel topping so I was keen to see how comfy it was, well I wasn’t disappointed. As soon as I laid on it my body moulded into the gel and it felt completely supported. I knew straight away that this was the mattress for me!

The ActiGel layer helps to regulate your body temperature and with a quilted pillow top to add to the comfort levels. It really feels like a little bit of luxury!


It also has the benefit of ‘no turn’ which is great for me, I do struggle to turn over a huge king size mattress so the fact that I only have to spin it around is a real bonus.

I love the finish of this TheraPur Rapport mattress, it has lovely silver stitching around the mattress, quilted and just feels so luxurious. When I get into this bed now I feel so comfortable and relaxed, when I settle down there aren’t any springs digging into me, my body moulds to the bed and most importantly I don’t wake up with achy joints.


Next, I had to choose which bed frame combination I wanted, it comes in a single, double and king sizes. With storage options of drawers, which you can choose from different drawer combinations. Also, it comes with the option of ottoman storage which gives you a large amount of storage.

When I went into the store I wanted divan base with drawers, Tam showed me all the drawer options and ottoman storage. I thought that the ottoman storage would be too heavy to lift up so this is why I wanted to the drawers. How wrong was I?! With the TheraPur Rapport mattress coupled with the ottoman bed you open it up from the side, it has two really sturdy handles on the side for you to lift up the mattress and bed base. This opens up to reveal a very large space for you to fill with loads of stuff! I have just filled mine up quickly with sheets and towels but I want to give this a really good neat storage system when I have time. The ottoman base gives you so much storage room so this why I decided to go for the ottoman storage over drawers.


As you can see from the picture it locks off when it gets to the top, so you can easily access inside. Once you have finished you just use two hands to push down on the mattress, this is super easy to do.


I must add that I did try out other ottoman beds in the store that were nearly impossible for me to lift up, so you must go in the store and have a try out to check you can lift up the ottoman.

I had chosen the mattress and storage options, so I had to choose the colour! It comes in 6 colourways,


I went for ‘ASH’ which is a light grey, in the store I was able to see all the colour choices which is really nice to be able to do this. I always think colours look very different in real life than on the computer.

When it arrived I was so pleased with the colour choice, it works perfectly with my new bedroom colours and matches my wallpaper great!

There are a choice of 3 headboards, the one I picked is the TheraPur Radiant headboard in ‘ASH’


I love this headboard, the thick padding makes it so comfy now to sit up in bed and watch TV, the headboard does extend right down the side and to the floor so it does makes the bed look larger than a normal king sized bed but I like this style. I think it looks grander and something you would find in a hotel bedroom!


At 62cm high, it is higher than my other bed which always feels funny climbing into it so make sure you can get into it easily!

Delivery, I had the standard delivery which is charged at £39, this is a two-man delivery team who take your order to the room of your choice. They called me on the morning of my delivery day and provided me with a time slot for my delivery. This is usually a 2-hour slot but they called me at 7:15am to say they would arrive at 8am! They arrived at 8am on the dot and were super helpful, put it all together and they took away all the packaging.

I love the TheraPur Rapport mattress ottoman bed, it is a taste of pure luxury and I now suggest to anyone that you do not go cheap on your mattress, it really is worth spending that bit extra on a mattress. Sleep is so important and having a good quality mattress helps you get that good quality sleep.

Dreams TheraPur Rapport mattress ottoman king size bed retails at £1249 + £449 for the headboard with free basic delivery or standard delivery £39.


Love Chic Living and Love Your Home

Family Fever

*I was sent TheraPur Rapport mattress ottoman bed and headboard for the purpose of this review. However, all words are honest and of my own.



  1. Ralph Quito Reply

    I find myself unable to leave your blog! I can’t stop reading it! I must say you have a very unique voice in writing, which I personally appreciate. Thanks again Steph!

  2. We’re currently on the hunt for a new bed and mattress. At the moment we have a wooden bedstead where *everything* and more seems to be stored underneath it but I think I’m leaning towards a divan this time. It’s mattresses that I seem to be fussy with though. I really want something firm and, having tried memory foam ones, I don’t think they’re for me. So picky!

    • This one has a gel topping which is quite different to the full memory foam one. I tried out so many in the store but as soon as I laid on this one it was so comfy

  3. Did you pay full price for the mattress, or was it discounted off the back of this review?

    • Yes as stated at the bottom of the post I received the bed and headboard for the purpose of this review. However all opinions are 100% honest and my own words. I love this mattress! I am still sleeping soundly in it!

    • You couldn’t hide anything under my old bed so this is fab to have all that hidden storage!!

  4. OMG I have the most ridiculous bed envy! That’s flipping gorgeous. We are in desperate need of a new bed at the moment.
    Lovely to see you on #TriedTested this week x

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  6. Wow, Steph that looks incredible. Particularly love the headboard (very sleek) and the storage is great! Love that it locks too when lifted, wouldn’t want that falling down on your when rummaging! x #loveyourhome

    • Thanks Jen, it is incredible, I love it so much. It just finishes the bedroom off now and I feel so relaxed in my new bedroom now.

  7. We are in the process of decorating and we are contemplating a bed like this with storage and something with far more support .. hubs is awaiting spinal surgery and i have SPD so getting the right support is massively important .. this looks fab!

  8. Ottoman beds are a god send, the extra storage makes a welcome addition you didn’t think you’d need but once it’s there you have tons to store away. I brought mine from *****.co.uk and I picked a velvet ottoman bed with a buttoned headboard. Your bed really compliments the decor in your room x

  9. Bloggermummylauren Reply

    The bed looks fabulous, and very luxurious looking. It does look like something you may find in a hotel! It looks pretty comfy, I would be happy to climb in and have a wee snooze. Our bed lifts up like that and I was surprised at how easy it is to lift and put down again. Great review!

  10. I love the look of the new bed, and it sound great too, especially the gel mattress. I bet that is really comfortable! Look at all the storage you get too…fab. I want a new bed now 🙂 #TriedTested

  11. Wow – the gel topping looks like a great idea. Hubby and I have been looking for a new mattress as we are gettig achey joints with our old one. Will definitely be researching into this one – it looks really comfy #TriedTested

    • Yes do go and take a look at it, you will love it as soon as you lay down on it!

  12. Ashley Beolens Reply

    Looks great, I think it is all about the mattress in a good bed (although it does help if the bed is sturdy.

  13. fashion-mommy Reply

    That is such a gorgeous bed and I love all the under bed storage.


    • It’s a HUGE amount of storage! I am going to enjoy filling it up with towels and bedding and clearing the house a bit.

  14. The storage under that bed is fantastic. It’s so important to have a good comfortable bed, after all you do spend a third of your life in it!

  15. Wow, the new bed looks great – the colour really compliments your new decor and that headboard is gorgeous. Nice choice!

    • Thank you, I am in love with it, so lovely to get into bed at the end of the day.

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