As our bedrooms are often the most private space in our homes, they can sometimes be a little neglected when it comes to satisfying the style police. But rather than splashing out on an entire room makeover, we can update the look of our bedrooms by incorporating a few themes that take in some of the design hits of 2017.

Bold Metallics

We’ve already covered how copper looks great in the bedroom with a few tastefully chosen items like pendant lamps and ornate mirrors. But this stylish look doesn’t have to stop at copper, as other on-trend metallics like brass and bronze have also been helping many homeowners update their decor without having to overhaul the entire room.

Unusual Textures

The bedroom also offers us plenty of scope when it comes to textures. This is because bedrooms should be all about creating cosy and comfortable personal spaces that are filled with plump cushions!

So why not think about introducing a few on-trend textures in your bedroom to add a touch of comfort. Even something like bedroom furniture can become a lot more stylish with the addition of some cool textures. A quick look at some of the upholstered beds at the Bedstar website shows how a well-chosen fabric can instantly make a bed seem like a much more welcoming space.

And some of these beautiful modern Moroccan textures are a great way to provide a subtle bohemian feel to the room, as there’s something about mixing and matching items like a soft leather pouffe with a deluxe kilim rug that really makes a bedroom so much more inviting!

Rich Colours

Whilst the classic muted colours of beige and white remain endlessly stylish, there’s been a noticeable trend for richer tones like teal, turquoise and aquamarine to appear in our homes in 2017.

Although these dark greens and blues might not be for everyone, there’s little doubt that an accent wall featuring on-trend emerald green could look especially bewitching when paired up with some rich metallics and bohemian textures.

So regardless of whether you’re investing in a chic upholstered bed for the ultimate in comfort, or are merely updating your bedside table with a classy metallic lamp, there are plenty of quick and easy ways to revamp your bedroom in 2017!

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Fashionable motifs are great to add into your bedroom, with cheap ideas, and 2017 interior trends. Fluffy flamingo cushions, to bold metallics




  1. My folks would love to incorporate more velvet into their interiors. Deep rich colours would look awesome. Love the flamingos too!

  2. I am a bit obsessed by flamingoes at the moment so need to get some of these cushions

    • I love going around the shops when looking for homewares, I have to touch everything and feel the textures!

  3. I love the idea of incorporating copper into our bedroom I’ve got a few accessories on my Amazon list I want to get.

    • I love having a nicely decorated bedroom, makes you relax better I think, it does me anyway!!

  4. I love unusual textures and bold colours and have used them to lift my bedroom – some fab tips here”

  5. Great post this. I think having vibrant colours is an absolute must if you want different parts of a room to really stand out!

  6. I like the idea of adding rich colours into your bedroom, there’s something quite mysterious about them!

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