Why don’t you take a look at what our garden looked like when we moved in here?



That was 3.5 years ago, we worked so hard to make it a usable space for us to use as a family. We wanted a space where the children could play, and we could sit. So it ended up looking like this below, this was it just done, neat, tidy and un played in! Your also notice later on that the chippings here are blue, they are now brown. These turned all the children blue!!!


As you can see it has got rather tired now, it has been the winter but it really has just been cut back each year and played in. I want something more interesting, more useful and pretty. That random tree stump needs sorting now, there was a tree the size of the house but we couldn’t get the stump out easily.


There is a large flower bed which is full of flowers, shrubs and weeds to the left hand side. All of these plants were already planted when we moved in, so we left it. Once you move into a new home and live in it, you soon realise what works and what doesn’t. This large flower bed is wonderful when some of them flower, however there are many faults with it.

It is so large that I cannot get to the middle, let alone the back of it. This means it gets overgrown and covered in weeds. I am struggling to keep up with the weeds, which then annoys me and I become really frustrated by it. I also have my old fashioned washing line along the edge of the flower bed, I call it old fashioned as I always remember my Grandma and Mum having one of the long lines. I love it though, you can pull it up high and it dries the washing so quickly. I’m not getting rid of this! When the shrubs grow too high, the washing hangs in it and gets dirty again.

So this got us thinking, we need to change the garden around. Make it workable for us as a family but also make it a pretty place to be. I am really keen to give the children a space that they want to be in, a space where they can go and sit to do their homework, read a book or play in. They have their play area at the top, this won’t change, but we will work around this.

So I asked the kids what they would like in their garden if they could choose. Tyler gave me some suggestions,

  • secluded areas
  • small sturdy tree’s
  • nice flower beds
  • paddling pool
  • stepping stones

The girls drew me some pictures, how cute are these ideas.

scan0001 scan0002


So with that in mind I popped to the shops to see what we could find to start bringing some of the things into the garden. The girls want to encourage wildlife into the garden, Sofia wanted more birds. They were lucky as they were sent a ‘paint your own bird box‘ to do together, so this fitted in well with their design too. They enjoyed painting it and adding their own ideas onto it, I’m sure the birds will love it next year!


I found some lovely bird feeders which would encourage the birds into the garden. We added seeds and peanuts to them and placed it near the new bird box.


Lily also wanted to encourage bees into her garden, so wants lots of flowers that the bees would love and also wanted to add some trees too. One school run, me and the girls were chatting, they said they love cherries and would love to buy some. Whilst out I spotted some small fruit trees, so 3 went into my basket! A cherry tree, apple tree and pear tree. How lovely will it be if they fruit, but also they are great pollinators and attract bees.


I haven’t decided on a perfect place for them yet, they need space to grow and my garden plans aren’t set in stone yet. I will update you when I have planted them!

Saga has helped kick start out garden renovation and help to improve our garden space, this gives the children some things they love in their garden too. They have a home improvements campaign running to highlight the fact that the most common use for money generated by equity release is used for home improvements. Giving us a garden that the kids love is really important to us and we have made a start.

*I was sent the bird box for my girls to enjoy and a B&Q voucher to purchase my new items.



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  1. Love this! What a transformation and wouldn’t a jacuzzi be lovely πŸ˜‰ your daughter has the right idea haha. We’re hoping to move into a new place that has a shared garden so we can potter around and enjoy the sunshine. Looks like you’re going to have lots of fun here in the future!

  2. Kelly Pattullo Reply

    Wow! What a beautiful garden you have! I would love something similar in my garden but unfortunately it is taking a back seat as we currently live in a building site. Rome wasnt built in a day as they say haha. Thanks for sharing, you’ve given me some good ideas x

  3. I can’t believe the chippings turned the children blue! That’s awful! That corner looks amazing though, it’s given me an idea for our garden, which is in desperate need of renovation. We have been here five years and it’s still a mess! Lovely that you have involved the kids so much too x

  4. Everything Mummy Reply

    You did such a great job with the garden when you moved in really looks like a lovely space look forward to seeing more about how you get on! x

  5. My kids would love that play area! Wow πŸ™‚ Lovely garden and such a fab space to play in xx Thanks for sharing & linking up! Love Jess xx


  6. What a transformation Steph! Although I’d have been gutted to lose the greenhouse!! Can’t believe the chippings turned the kids blue!! That’s crazy! πŸ™‚ Thanks so much for linking up with us lovely! Caro x #HomeEtc

  7. This is lovely. You have done great things with your garden already, but it is so nice to include the kids in your future plans. I seem to be spending all my money on plants for our garden at the moment!

  8. Watch out for one of my next posts!! 20 ways to give nature a home πŸ™‚ we had no trees or plants when we moved in, so wildlife has come on lots in 5 years xxx

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