This has to be the best day ever in the whole year! 

World Smile Day 2017! A day dedicated to smiling and being happy.

Sometimes there is so much sadness in the world, and so many horrible people out there. I just wish everyone could be kind to each other. Why do we have to be horrible, and cause so much pain. 

So to celebrate World Smile Day, I wanted to focus on the good things in life, and to make other people smile today, I asked a collection of bloggers to share the things that make them smile. Lets focus on the things that are happy, kind, useful, grateful of and hopefully it will make everyone in the world smile too. 

I want to share a photo that makes me smile, the day my puppy came home to live with us.

From this moment on the fun was to start, he is such a loveable dog, he makes me get out and about each day. Even when I am hurting and could easily curl up and not go out. He makes the whole family happy, and bring so much joy. The children love him, and my son who finds ‘typical’ sports hard, has found a love for dog agility with him.  Thanks Gus 

So here are a collection of photos and words that make people smile  – Happy World Smile Day and please feel free to share yours in the comment box, or on my Twitter & Facebook page 

World Smile Day tomorrow on Friday 6th October. Lets make today a day where we all smile together World smile day is a great day to be happy and cheerful. Here are a collection of photos that make us smile for world smile day

*In order of photos from Left to Right* 

Sarah from Surrey Mama – My girls when they’re cuddling and playing. I absolutely love that they have a ready made best friend, it’s so special to watch. 

Kirsty from Life With Boys – Watching my son discover new things for the first time. It’s amazing to see how much wonder can come from something we take for granted. 

Clare from Wild Mama Wild Tribe – This note from my daughter when I had to go to a big scary meeting ‘To Mummy you will be great, I believe in you. But that is not enough you have to believe in yourself. You will do great, Love you see you soon’ 

Laura from Mum on a Mission – Finding one of these “changing places disabled toilets” when I’m out as other wise my son can’t use a toilet when we are out for the day! Ridiculous that a loo would put a smile on my face! 

Emma from Ready Freddie Go – My Dad, well all family really. He isn’t well at the moment but times like this make you cherish family and so thankful that we are as close as we are. My boys adore him. 

Mandy from Mum-atron At Work – My Twins, Dad and Baby look a spitting image of each other! 

Rebecca from The Coastal Mummy –  My 2 precious daughters

Hollie from Thrifty Mum – Lola is nearly five and yesterday got diagnosed with sever osteoarthritis. This photo was taken on Saturday and that walk is her last off lead with other dogs around as it leaves her in too much pain. We got her before the boys came along and she loves them dearly. We’re so lucky to have her in our lives. 

Naomi from Naomi’s World – The way my eldest daughter dotes on her baby sister always makes me smile. I have this photo framed at home and although it is a few months old now it definitely makes me happy to see it every day! The relationship they have is so special, and continues to strengthen as they grow up together!

Becky from A Beautiful Space – Flowers always brighten my day they are perfection

Tamara from The Epileptic Blogger – My nan and my daughter! I love my nan so much and I love that my little girl loves her just as much too!

Katy From Katy Kicker – I waited 7 years for my daughter. Never a day goes by that I don’t feel happy looking at her, talking to her and teaching her new things. I’m so happy

Nadia from Scandi Mummy  – This guy! Came on my birthday and makes me smile every day. Best present ever. 

Alex from Better Together Home – Pretzels… clearly 

Emma from The Cheshire Wife – My husband making me a cuppa very morning before he goes to work & my son screaming happy birthday mummy to me 

Clare from She-Eats – My hubby. He’s marvelous at the best of times but has gone above and beyond to look after me since I had neurosurgery. This was a gig selfie from a few years ago when we had no cares. 

Kelly from Reduced Grub – I took some comic relief goodies, some of my childrens Lego and lots of little McDonald toys ( as it was all easy to pack) and handed it all out to street kids in Mumbai. The look of sheer excitement and delight on their faces would warm anybody’s cockles. A very warm and smile inflicting though.

Kaiden from A Suffolk Dad – Like Father, like son!

Sinead from Sinead Latham – Anytime we get to go to the beach is just the best time. Think he is destined to be a beach bum

Jo from Miracle Max – Autumn makes me incredibly happy. The crisp air, the leaves falling from the trees and my little man out exploring, knee deep in dirt. 

Geraldine from It’s Me and Ethan – My eldest son…he’s laughing in this picture because he has just seen his new hat on him…this time last year we thought his life limiting syndrome had won…but here he is laughing again ..

Jennifer from My Mummy’s Pennies – My children working together.

Anna from Popitha – Looking at my biggest achievement in life. My gorgeous twin girls! 

Carolin from Mummy Alarm – I’m happiest at the beach – no matter the weather. It’s my absolute happy place and there’s nowhere else in the world that relaxes me as much.

Jo from My Mummy Needs Wine – My happy place is at Coombe Mill. It is so relaxing and peaceful there. I really want to live the farm life one day 

Angela from The Life Of Spicers – Visiting Walt Disney World. My absolute happy place, love looking at my pictures and remembering

Clare from Emmys Mummy – The bond this pair have when they aren’t trying to knock each other out of screaming “I hate you” at each other. They fight like cat and dog but as soon as one is poorly they turn into angels to look after each other.

Jennie from Rice Cakes and Rasins – Snuggly weekend mornings with my two little boys. Is there anything better than a baby in a dressing gown?  

Ross from Isablog – Isabelle laughing. It got me through my postnatal depression. 

Joanna from The Knight Tribe – My not so little man Leo who has cerebral palsy. who was wheelchair dependent up until just before his 5th birthday. We raised 60k for a life changing operation, we flew to Missouri USA for 4 weeks and at 9 weeks post op he took his first even unaided steps and has got better since and makes me so incredibly proud and makes me smile everyday through all his bravery and courage.

Thank you to everyone who took part in this, such a lovely selection of photos and they made me smile!

Please share yours with me on my  Twitter & Facebook page I would love to see what makes you happy. 

Happy World Smile Day 2017 



  1. The world is full of horrid people who want to make other miserable but we do not have to follow them and a smile can definitely make someone’s day if not our own.

    • More people need to smile and say Hello down the street, people are losing that now

  2. Ahh what a lovely uplifting post! My smile today was due to listening to a playlist on Spotify when a piece of music came on that reminded me of my best friend. She emigrated to Australia a long time ago now and it’s her birthday today! It brought a smile and happy tears to my eyes. Lovely.

    • Ah how lovely, nice to remember friends through music. The fun times together

  3. What a lovely selection of things to smile about. My biggest smiles are always when my three little ones get in from school.

    • I think it’s a pretty good one to celebrate isn’t it! Nice to focus on happy stuff

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