When Hotel Chocolat contacted me and asked if I wanted to pick something from their Summer Collection I couldn’t say no!

I chose their ‘Summer Collections Fruit Fusions’ box of 24 chocolates

I had previously tried their handcream and it was pure luxury, so as you can imagine the thought of luxury chocolates was very exciting!

When the Hotel Chocolat Summer Fusions selection arrived, they were beautiful packaged in a very summery box. The colours were lovely and included a list down the side detailing the names of the chocolates.


Me and hubby decided that we needed to make the most of our last quiet day together before the kids broke up

from school and we went out for a walk and chocolate picnic! Very naughty I know!

We found a quiet place and opened up the chocolates…….

photo 7

WOW what a explosion of colour! I have never had chocolates like it, even thought they looked too beautiful to eat I couldn’t wait to start trying them all out!

Luckily there is 2 of each chocolate, 24 in total so both me and hubby could both try each flavor.

Now don’t be silly like me when trying to find the list of names and what each chocolate is…….it is in the cardboard slip but on the inside!

photo 8

As you can see from the list, there are some very unusual ones!! These chocolates are like nothing I have ever had!

I must admit that I wasn’t keen on the ‘Summer Cooler’ which was apple and cucumber,

but then I loved the ‘Strawberry Cheesecake and ‘Choc Fudge Sundee’ and many of the other ones.

You have to like fruit flavored things and they are not full of plain chocolates but they are full of flavor and a very big treat!

They would make a lovely summer gift for someone as they would be very impressed by the explosion of colour when they opened them up.

They are priced at ยฃ24 but are pure luxury!

You can purchase them from Hotel Chocolat

*I was sent these chocolates free of charge in return for a review, all opinions are honest and of my own.


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