I’ve never been one for having plants in my house, I love to have flowers in a vase as it brightens up a room so well but I’ve not really got into having plants inside my house. But I want this to change.

After renovating our garden and taking great pleasure from seeing the flowers I plant grow and come back year after year, I now want to bring this into our home. 

Benefits Of Houseplants 

Research has shown that there are many benefits to houseplants in our homes and we should have them in offices and schools as well. A few studies have shown these benefits of houseplants, 

  • Improving our mood 
  • Create better air quality
  • Reduce fatigue and headaches  
  • Reducing stress levels 

There is so many more on the RHS website too, I think just those above makes me want to get more houseplants within my home! 

Air Plants 

So to start off with I thought I would try some plants that are easy enough to care for. I haven’t done too well with houseplants before and somehow I still manage to kill them! I am hoping air plants will be a little easier!! 

Air plants are a group of little plants that can grow without any soil, attaching their little roots to anything like tree bark, rocks and anything they can!  They will take in the humidity as water from our air but still need to be watered/misted to prevent dehydration. 

I wanted to display them in an unusual way, adding them to a wall as a decorative piece rather than on shelves and plant pots. I think I achieved that, don’t you?! 

I picked the Umbra Trigg Wall Vessel in white and gold from Hurn and Hurn. These come in different size sets so you can arrange them in all different ways that suit the space you have for them. 

The top one is the large size which comes as one and the smaller size ones which come in a set of two together. The little pots are made from smooth white Ceramic. These are perfect for placing air plants in them as you don’t need any soil. On the website, they have used them for placing pens and office items in too. 

These were very easy to put up, with all the fixings included in the box as well. I loved that they included lovely gold screws as well so the fixings are finished off too. These also come in a concrete and copper colour range which is very pretty. 

Top Tip: When drilling holes in the wall add folder up a piece of paper or envelope and use masking tape to attach it underneath the drill hole. It keeps all the mess contained! 

Where To Purchase Air Plants From? 

You can pick air plants up from quite a few places now as they are becoming more and more popular, I even got mine from Amazon!! 

They came in a set of six for £19.55 but you could pick so many different ones and sets. Once they’ve grown a bit I think they will fill the vessels much better, or maybe I will get some more….although I have to make sure I don’t kill them first! 

How To Care For Air Plants 

The advice out there is quite mixed on how to care for air plants, however, I like to use the RHS website for advice on my how to care for my plants. They always have a good amount of information and written simply for me to understand. A few key points I took from it was, 

  • Avoid using tap water to water them 
  • They love to be in humid places like bathrooms 
  • During hot times of the year immerse them in rainwater to water them 
  • Don’t water them if the temperature goes below 12 
  • Allow them to dry out 

 I think I can cope with those, so lets see how long I can keep my air plants alive?! 

*I was sent these from Hurn and Hurn for the purpose of this review, all opinions are honest and of my own words. 




  1. Ohh I love these! I’m rubbish at keeping houseplants alive but I love the look of these xx

  2. I love having flowers in my home and have one air plant, all others are orchids and absolutely love them.

  3. I really like the placement of the plants, i’m very into geometric shapes. Fingers crossed they stay alive for you! I manage to keep my cactus alive but that’s about it!

  4. These are the kind of plants I need in my life as I struggle to keep anything alive usually. They look so nice in these planters on the wall x

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