Do your children hate the feeling of the car seat belt digging into their necks in the car? Mine do and knowing we had a 7-hour car journey with the children at Christmas, I had to do something about this! 

I looked into buying a car seat belt pad for them all and I was so surprised how much they were going to be for three of them. As it was coming up to Christmas I had so much money going out, so I looked into making my own for them. 

How To Make A Car Seat Belt Pad 

I was very surprised how quick and easy it was to make this car seat belt pad. I haven’t used my sewing machine in years, so I thought I would be a little ropey! 

What You Need 

  • Fabric 
  • Wadding 
  • Velcro or Poppers 
  • Cotton 
  • Tape measure 
  • Fabric Chalk 

Pick Your Fabric 

It’s completely up to you what you make your car seat belt pad from, but I chose a super soft fabric that I knew would be really soft on their neck. The only downside its shreds quite easily. 

Measure Out Your Fabric

You need to measure out your fabric,  I got my children to sit in the car and measured out where I would want the cushion to sit on them.  Added on at least 5cm on each end for folding over and 3cm on each long edge. 

You need two fabrics of the same size for each pad, and one wadding for each pad. 

Sewing Together 

You need to place these three pieces together in the correct order. You will be sewing these together then turning them inside out. Once turned the correct way you will have two pieces of fabric with the wadding in between. 

  • Wadding on the top 
  • One piece of fabric the wrong side facing upwards towards the wadding 
  • One piece of fabric with the wrong side facing downwards 

Check that this is the correct way around, by holding the edges together and pushing through. You should have two right sides of fabric facing outwards and the wadding in the middle. 

Sew along the long edges only to sew these together. Once you have done this you can turn them inside on each other and you will have the wadding on the inside and the two pieces of fabric on the outsides. 

Fold In Ends 

You will have two open ends which need folding in to close them up. You will then need to sew around to make a stitching line all around the whole pad. This keeps the ends closed and makes it look neater when it’s all stitched around. 

Add Velcro 

I decided to use Velcro to attach the pad together, but I also used poppers to. It really depends on what you would prefer. I think the poppers have been stronger with the kids. 

Don’t laugh though, I forgot to take the sticky back off the velcro though so make sure you do! It makes your job much easier and it means the velcro gets stitched to the fabric properly! 

Once finished it will look like this! 

I really helped them on their long journey and no more sore necks where the car seat belt has been rubbing on their skin. 

What To Buy For You Car Seat Belt Pad 



  1. Oh this is such a good idea!! Mine always moan about the seatbelt and actually, suffering with fibromyalgia I find it uncomfortable on long journeys too!

    • Yes it would be great for you too and you could make it super long to cover all the bit that touches you

  2. I bought something similar to this when mine were all little and they also had little neck huggers to stop there heads bobbing around while they slept. I’d never have thought to make one but they look super easy! Genius! x

    • I know what you mean, you only remember when you get in the car and then you forget to order them when your home but these are super easy and quick to make,

  3. This look so cosy and soft. Well done you for getting making on the sewing machine again. I find them so hard and can never remember what to do with them. Our little lady adores hers but I can’t help when she runs into issues with it

    • I used to love making stuff with the sewing machine, I miss it and think I have the bug again now!!! Watch out!

    • Yep you could make it with any fabric they wanted, anything is going to be softer than a seat belt!

  4. It looks so soft and fluffy! What a great idea to make your own and add a little bit of comfort, seat belts can dig in a lot otherwise.

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