Well, that was a Christmas to remember, we spent Christmas in Scotland

We’ve never done anything different for Christmas, always stayed at home, had the family to ours, which is lovely and I did miss them all. But it was so nice to do something different. We’ve created some wonderful memories, which the children can look back and remember our Christmas in Scotland which they loved. 

Why did we have Christmas in Scotland?

I have always wanted to visit Scotland, I love getting out and exploring new places and Scotland looked so amazing for this. We are as far South as you can get (well apart from the Isle Of Wight!) in Southampton and we don’t have scenery like Scotland anywhere near us. 

I also know someone who has had Christmas in Scotland for 3 years and loved it. I was so jealous of their trip as it just sounded so wonderful to get away from the craziness that Christmas always turned into each year. Each year Christmas came around and I would wish for it to be calmer, of course not Christmas Day as I love having my family around us and the excitement of the Children, but the lead-up and how much pressure there was to make it perfect each year. 

And of course, snow on Christmas would have been lovely…..we didn’t get it, although we had an amazing frost on Christmas Eve that covered everything in ice and it looked pretty amazing. 

Are we glad we did it?

Yep! 100%! The children loved it and it was so relaxing. I did wonder if they wouldn’t like Christmas away from home and it only being us 5 for one week, but they seemed to really love the excitement of doing something different. We explored so many new places and got to just stop and enjoy chilling out with them. 

We went on walks, came back home watched films and played games. Not being distracted by the normal household stuff which would have normally been at home. It went too quickly and I would love to do it again. 

Where did we stay?

We stayed in a very lovely house on the edge of Galloway Forest. It was about 45 minutes from the town of Dumfries, which did have everything you needed in. We even picked up our Christmas Tesco order to last us the week! Driving that far out meant we were in the middle of the hills! Everywhere does take a lot longer to drive to and from around there though as you can’t drive in a straight line! 

We arrived on the Saturday after a 7-hour journey, with two stops so it took about 8 hours. This was pretty good as we left at 3:30am for a 399 mile trip! Everyone was super excited but me and Kev could have done with a little bit more sleep!!! We drove straight to our house, and Glenhoul Brae didn’t let us down. It was amazing and we felt very lucky to be staying in such a wonderful house for Christmas. 

We had some requirements when we were looking for our Christmas house in Scotland

  • Comfy looking sofas
  • Wood burning fire
  • Hot Tub 
  • Accepted dogs 
  • Close to places to visit
  • Not too far out in the sticks in case it did snow or ice

Glenhoul Brae ticked every one of these, accept the hot tub, but take a look at my bath in my bedroom instead…….!

Where did we visit in Galloway Forest?

We were just on the edge of Galloway Forest so there were lots of places we could have visited. As it was Christmas in Scotland they do seem to shut up properly for Christmas. 

Sunday – Bruces Stone in Glentrool and hunting for a waterfall (kind of!!) 

Christmas Eve – Clatteringshaw Loch (My favourite place ever now) & Red Deer Park

Christmas Day – A lovely chilled Christmas Day in the house 

Boxing Day – Loch Doon and climbing a mountain!!! 

Thursday – Red Kite Feeding 

Friday – Raiders Road Walk 

There were Christmas Trees everywhere so I had to get one photo in front of one, didn’t I! 

We filled our days and explored some lovely places, but it didn’t feel stressful, jam-packed and it was mixed with some nice times back at the house.

This is just what we wanted from our Christmas in Scotland and I am so pleased we’ve done it. 

Have you ever fancied Christmas in Scotland? Or have you done it before? 

Christmas In Scotland Video 

I didn’t pay much attention to capturing videos this holiday, it’s always hard to capture both video and pictures at the same time. So I have popped together a few clips for our memories of a few things we did. 



  1. I’ve never been up to Scotland but this has made me want to visit instantly! Your photos are gorgeous and it looks like you had the most wonderful time.

  2. Isn’t Scotland just beautiful?! I’m lucky to live in Newcastle so it’s just a couple of hours drive and we can be in Edinburgh by lunch. We spent a New Year in a little cabin in Scotland a few years ago and it’s one of my absolute favourite memories, I had such a wonderful time!

    Where you stayed looks amazing, I’ve never been to Galloway Forrest before but I’d love to visit after seeing your pictures.

    Katie xoxo

    • Oh how lucky to be so close, I think I would be spending every weekend in Scotland if I lived that close!!

  3. Sounds like a lovely way to spend Christmas. We tried being away for Christmas when our son was 3 but it wasn’t the best one I have to admit. But I wouldn’t mind doing something like this when he’s older.

    • Yes I think it’s been lovely to wait and do it when the children were older. We had a christmas on our own at home when my son was young and we hated it as it was so quiet. Well not now with 3 of them keeping us busy!!

  4. Wow I do envy you. I would love to go away for Christmas one year. It looks like you made a great choice Scotland is so beautiful. The Christmas eve frost must have made it more magical for all 🙂

    • I have wanted to do something different for years, so I am so pleased we have now. I couldn’t picture the frost that well but it was stunning driving through the forest

    • Thank you, it was so nice to get away and try a different type of Christmas. I miss that view from the bath so much

  5. I think Christmas in Scotland is lovely too, but then I’m a bit biased since I live here, haha. We’ve had a few Christmasses away from home. The first year my husband and I met, we spent Christmas in Japan, which was very different. And a couple years ago we spent Christmas in Copenhagen with elder son (the younger one hadn’t been born yet) and it was magical!

    • Ah lucky you living there! It’s very beautiful. Oh we’ve visited Copenhagen and it’s such a lovely city, I can imagine Christmas being so pretty

    • Thank you, it was so nice to do something different. Yes Gus was coming with us wherever we went!

  6. Aww how fabulous! We always take a short trip between the schools breaking up and Christmas Eve – in the past we’ve headed to mainland Europe, but this year we went to the Isle of Wight and we loved it. Not brave enough to be away for Christmas Day as I like spending it with my extended family – but if I could take them all with me …. 🙂

  7. This whole adventure looks so amazing. You got it spot on when you said getting away from distractions in your own home does the world of good (cleaning and work!). the scenery is stunning and I am so pleased you had such a wonderful experience

    • Thank you, we very much enjoyed this Christmas trip and I’m glad we did it. Nice to do something different and have a break away from things.

  8. I am from Glasgow and I had no idea the scenery was that good in the lowlands of Scotland. I just assumed you’d have to go up north to get decent landscapes. Though Southampton to Inverness is not a trip I would enjoy doing myself. So maybe it was a good thing you got such a nice place in the south.

    • Yes were very tempted by Inverness, but would have to break the drive up with a stop off I think. That’s a massive drive! Its a very beautiful area here so I am glad we’ve done it, and if we make it up higher than were be even more impressed by Scotland!

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