Living in a small space can feel like you are stuck in a very cramped box. It can be claustrophobic and a dreary place to be. However, there are ways that you can change your living space for the better and make it feel and look bigger than it really is.

It will be a somewhat frustrating and daunting task to plan for your small living space, but it can be an excellent way to be creative with the room you’ve got.

By utilising some clever design tips and techniques, you can transform your home into a wonderful place, turning a cramped living room into a relaxing retreat and the kitchen into an organisational dream. From adding smart storage to furniture which does more than it says on the tin, bringing a few idea together will breathe some fresh air into your living space and leave it feeling much more inviting than before.

Be Clever With Storage

If you have a limited space to work with, the first thing you’ll want to look at is how to improve the quality of your storage. Ditch the large shelves and cupboards, and look for a more all-in-one solution. Multi-functional furniture is the best thing since sliced bread and allows you to have two pieces of furniture in one neat package. Here are some examples:

  • Ottoman – An ottoman is not only a great footstool/ seating option, but it also allows you to store plenty of items under the lid. Why not ditch the DVD rack and store them all neatly in here?
  • The Stairs – This is one of the coolest options out there. You can actually install drawers WITHIN your stairs. So every single step you take is a drawer full of possessions. Consider storing your shoes, books and other knick-knacks in here.
  • A Chair Library – Yes, it exists. In this chair, you can store your books within the arms.
  • Under The Bed – Scared that a monster could be lurking under your bed? Not anymore! Just buy a bed which contains drawers underneath, and you can store whatever you like under there.


Adding a large mirror to a small room is a surefire way to make it look and feel spacious. Consider even adding multiple mirrors in one room to give that illusion of the room going on forever.

Use Light Colours

The biggest mistake you can make when designing a small living space is to go all in on the bold colours. Because the light won’t reflect off these walls to the same degree as lighter shades, it can almost feel as though it is casting a shadow on your room and making it seem dull. Stick to whites and pastels for the walls to bounce light in every direction. Instead, use your furniture as the pop of colour you desire. It will work much better.

Same Colour Curtains as walls

Another way to trick the eye into believing the room is bigger is to buy curtains the same colour as your walls. When you hang them up, they will blend with their surroundings and give that illusion of space.

Ditch The Curtains

An even better way to save on space is to ditch the curtains altogether. Getting rid of your curtains will not only save you space but also open up the window and allow more light into the room. Add some blinds so that you can still close the window off, but keep them open as much as you can. Natural light is the single best way to make any space feel brighter and more spacious.

Sofas With Legs

A subtle way to make your living room feel more airy and spacious is to buy seating which stands on legs rather than touches the floor. The small addition of open space underneath the seat will immediately create the illusion of the larger room.

Collapsible Furniture

From fold away chairs to desks which hide in the wall; collapsible furniture is one of the most practical approaches to improving a small space. Say you have family or friends round for a dinner party, you’ll want to clear your space and place down a large dining table and chairs. But once they have left, you can collapse the table and chairs and store them elsewhere ready for next time. This way you have got the option for when you need it, but it doesn’t hinder your lifestyle in any way.

Leave Empty Space On Shelves

A top tip to making your rooms looks large is to not over clutter your shelves. You may love ornaments, candles, and plants in your rooms but practice some moderation when placing them on display. You don’t want your shelves to look like those in a store; you instead want to leave space in between each item. Having empty space will make the room seem bigger but also allow the eye to appreciate the decorations which are on display properly.

A Smaller Bath

The bathroom is often ignored when redesigning your home, but again it is a room which you can tweak to make it seem larger than it really is. Having white walls,adding awesome features like mirrors and lots of natural light is a great start, but the best way to solve a space issue is to invest in a smaller bath. This will fit the room better and allow you some breathing space in an otherwise cramped room. Here are 5 Small Bathroom Ideas That Look Great, if you feel that you need some more inspiration.

Coordinate Furniture Colours

The most fun part of any redesign is picking out statement pieces of furniture which not only fit your personality, but will also seamlessly blend into the space you have. Try not to get to carried away with different patterns and textures, because this can make your room mismatched and it turn confuses the eye, not allowing it to fully see the room as a single place. The best way to make your room look spacious is to buy the same colour or similar coloured furniture to create a resounding theme across the room.

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