When it comes to running a house of 3 kids, I have found it is so much easier when things are organised. When things are organised I feel less stressed, and the house runs better. I try to add little bits to the house that makes it more organised, so I know where things go. I’m attempting to pass this onto the kids, although girls are easier to organised than boys (adult versions too!)

When we designed the twins bedroom, I wanted to add a bit more organisation to their room. I added a ‘What To Wear Today Hook’ to their room. One for each of them, so this is where they can hang their school uniform at the end of the school day. I’m one of those Mums who doesn’t put them in a fresh uniform each day!! #shockhorror

So instead of it going back in the wardrobe and getting mixed up with clean uniform, or left on the floor, it can hang nicely on their what to wear today hooks. All ready for the next day.

What to wear hooks

They’re really easy to make, so I thought I would show you how we made them.

What You Need

kids what to wear today hooks


You can use wallpaper samples, scraps of patterned paper, wrapping paper, basically anything you like to print on.

I took a piece of A4 paper and glued it onto my patterned paper, then cut around. Not only did it give the patterned paper a bit a strength to go through the printer, it made sure I got the right size to print on.

kids what to wear today hooks

I have put together some print outs for you. Mine was personalised but I have twins so they needed to know which one is theirs. So feel free to click through the links below to access an easy PDF print out, in size 10 x 15cm and the colours below.

Free Print Outs

what to wear today hooks

Then use the glass/plastic of the frame to cut out enough of your patterned paper to fill the frame.

kids what to wear today hooks kids what to wear today hooks

kids what to wear today hooks

Next up measure the middle of the two edges, and the bottom side. This is to put your hook on, and the screws to attach them to the wall.

kids what to wear today hooks kids what to wear today hooks

Next up drill your holes. You don’t have to attach it to the wall this way if you don’t want to, but we felt it was more secure as I am sure the kids will be quite heavy handed with it when hooking on their clothes!

kids what to wear today hooks kids what to wear today hooks

Attach your hook, and then start attaching to the wall.

kids what to wear today hooks kids what to wear today hooks

We covered the screw heads with little plastic screw head covers to tidy it up.

kids what to wear today hooks

Then that’s it, ready to hang the items on! I always use the IKEA BAGIS kids coat hangers, 80p for a pack of 8!

Twin Girls Pink and Blue Bedroom

*Items marked with a * are amazon affiliate links. It means I get a small % as a fee for recommending you, but you do not pay anymore for the items.


Are you trying to be organised in your childs room. Are you fed up of their clothes on the floor. How about making a what to wear today hook to go in their room. They can have a perfect place to hang their clothes, and know where it should go. You can personalise it with different paper, and colours. Have a look at this what to wear today hook

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  1. These look like such a great idea – I’ll have to remember it for when my boys are a bit bigger ๐Ÿ™‚ #BloggersHomes

  2. Now this is a GREAT idea! Much better than clothes on the floor. It looks so organised and a lot less stressful.

    Thank you for linking up with #bloggershomes ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Kerry norris Reply

    Oh my goodness these are great. Defo gonna make these. This seems easier than it looks which is great for me as I’m rubbish at crafting lol x

  4. What a fantastic idea and a great way of showing the kids what they need to wear today. Those dresses are so princessy I love them xx

    • I LOVE their dresses, I got them for my birthday party and they still fit in them 2years later! Which I am SO pleased about, I will be sad when they grow out of them.

    • Oh do! It is so easy for them to hang stuff up on, no more nagging because their uniform is on the floor!

  5. Oh, such a nice idea! I think I need to make one for me! Hahaha, so cute. I’m sure it will ease my burden of always thinking what to wear every morning.

    • Yes you do need just that little bit of space, where we put ours was the only spare space in the room!!

    • It’s funny how we come up with different ways to doing it, then it becomes a routine!

  6. What a wonderful idea – I lay the clothes on the floor at the moment but this is a better idea

  7. Thank you for this great idea. Very easy to make and practical solution. For my boys, I will use a “car” background with your blue writing !

  8. So cute! And what a great way to save time in the morning! So easy to make too!

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