After watching the BBC TWO programme on ‘Six Puppies and Us’ and seeing how much some of the families struggled with their new puppy I thought it might be helpful to show you a video on how I taught Berkley the future Hearing Dogs for the Deaf puppy to learn to sit. I will do some more videos very soon for you too.

We use positive reward based training, we get the puppies to use their mind to figure out the action we require from them. We use treats to ‘lure’ them into the position we want and then ‘mark’ it by giving them their reward/treat.


How to teach a puppy to sit can be really simple and easy for the puppy to pick up, Berkley picked this up so quickly I nearly didn’t manage to film it for you! He was only 8 weeks old in his video.

You need to mentally tire your puppy as well, they need mental stimulation as well as physical stimulation so training sessions at home are great for that.

You can just use the puppies normal kibble for training at home, only do very small short training sessions as they do find it tiring.

How to Teach a Puppy to Sit

Get a few pieces of treats in your hand.

Hold the treat in between your thumb and index finger and place it over the puppies nose so it knows you have a treat for him.

Then move it very closely to the puppies head and go up and over the puppy head so the puppy follows it backwards.

I think you will be surprised on how quickly they choose to put their bottom down on the floor, as soon as they do you give the treat.

You don’t need to say anything at this point, just luring the puppy and rewarding is enough for the puppy.

Keep repeating this and the puppy will soon learn he got a treat when he put his bottom down!

Then on another training session you can add in the voice command ‘sit’ right at that same moment you give treat and bum goes down.

Once you have got this you can add in the release command too, we use this so that the puppy gets use to staying in the position you put them in to until you say it’s ok for them to come out of that. As he is a future Hearing Dog we need him to stay in a sit nicely, if their in the bank or shop whilst paying for items or situations like that. When were finished we say ‘off you go’ with a squish of the hand to the side.

You can teach the puppy sit throughout the day in lots of situations, your puppy will love it. I have a bowl of kibble in a bowl in the kitchen and lounge so I can do impromptu training sessions with Berkley. This is taken from his daily allowance of food.

*Just adding I am not a qualified dog trainer, I am just showing you a basic way how to teach your puppy to sit from what I have learnt.

I hope the video helps explains the above more clearly for you.

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