This post is all about cheeky pets?! Who’s got one?! 

ADT The Home Security brand have joined up together to find out how much us UK pet owners have had stolen by our own pets!! Apparently over half of all pet owners admit their pets regularly nick their belongings! 

The top items stolen are money, post, food and one I know about….underwear! How clever is your pet, research also reveled the old pets are even teaching themselves some new tricks, with 35% of pet thief’s learnt to undo food packaging, 30% can open doors and 12% can unlock handbags!

I use to puppy socialise the Hearing Dog For The Deaf puppies, so I have had my fair share of cheeky puppies in the house! Just as I got them trained and older enough to behave more, they would leave to go on their new learning journey. Then I would start the challenge again!! 

Berkley Hearing Dog

Little 8 week old Berkley The Hearing Dog Puppy 

I am not sure what it is with socks…..they all seemed to love my socks. They must have smelt very nice! 

We went on holiday, and one of my Hearing Dog puppies went on holiday cover to another volunteers house. I text to say we were on the way to collect him, and how did he get on? 

Yes he’s been very good, until this morning when he stole my knickers and went running around the garden with them!

He must have really enjoyed himself there!!! 

adt home #PetDetective - gus the goldendoodle holding a sock in his mouth

I now have Gus, he is my own and a very laid back dog, but he again is partial to the odd sock! We do also have instances of ‘self exploding toys’  he looks at me after he has pulled out all the stuffing as to say ‘it wasn’t me Mum, it just exploded’! 


Competition #PetDetective

So Pets At Home and ADT want to hear about all your stories of your naughty pet burglar, the naughtiest pet burglar will be the face of ADT’s pet detective job role. As well as winning £500 pet store vouchers and a ADT smart home burglar alarm system for a year. The vouchers would give you plenty to spend on replacing ‘self exploding toys’!

So head over to ADT Facebook page and share you naughtiest pet stories of all the things they have ‘stolen’ I am looking forward to reading these stories, as I think they will be quite funny!!!

Is Your Pet The Best #PetDetective?

*Collaborative Post* – I am not running this competition on my blog, so please do head over the Facebook page, and read the terms



  1. Hi Steph, one of our dogs loves socks too (clean or dirty) and is partial to the odd pair of knickers too if given the chance. Yesterday two of them stole a tub of liquorice, luckily the tub seemed to taste nicer than the liquorice that was all over the floor. And they so knew they’d done wrong!


  2. I don’t have a pet but my mums dog is great at destroying “non-destroyable” toys LOL

  3. When I was younger, my old dog never use to misbehave in the house. However, he seemed to have a knack of getting through the hedge in the garden and stealing anything and everything from our neighbour’s house. He loved their slippers so much 🙂

  4. And this is why animals are so much better that people. Love how ingenious they can be. Chooch, my cat dragged a chicken leg off my plate the other night… I was quite impressed by her determination to be honest as it was huge!

  5. My dog is super minxy! He once tipped over a friend’s laundry basket and had a fab time smelling all their dirty clothes.

  6. Oh this is so funny! I wish I’d taken a photo yesterday when returning home from swimming and shopping, as our youngest cat had fished out five or six cat food sachets from the box and there where claw holes all over them and two foil packets he had actually managed to tear open and eat out all the food! I was quite impressed with his skills actually 🙂 PS Your Gus looks like such a gorgeous dog, what breed is he? X

    • Haha! That would have been a great picture and submission! He is Golden Retriever x Poodle ‘Goldendoodle’ he is a very special boy and fitted in with us very well

  7. Ha! Mine always steals underwear – Quito has stolen socks, underwear and worst of all , bras! He’s chewed up 3 of mine already and they were nice ones too. So naughty! Oh and my cat Meisha can open doors – clever little sod 😉 Cute competition! xxx

  8. Mrs Mary Ann Abbott Reply

    Ah, these dogs are so cute! We used to have a golden retriever who are ANYTHING including wax crayons and plastic bags!

  9. We don’t have a dog but I can imagine that lots of puppies love pinching socks, we do have a cat who loves to pinch our food – chilli is his favourite x

  10. We had to be so careful what we left lying around with our dog, she was particularly fond of my daughter’s dolls.

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