Mother’s Day is almost upon us, as is the annual anxiety of what to get for your mum. This event can be especially stressful if making a personal appearance on the holiday itself isn’t possible. Nonetheless, you want to show her how much she means to you. Don’t let physical separation prevent you from honoring the woman who has done so much for you. Read on to get creative ideas to make this Mother’s Day special, even from a distance.

Send a Care Package

If you live far away or are dealing with restrictions on visitation, a card, care package, or gift sent via snail mail makes an excellent option. What to send? Flowers are always a foolproof option, but a personal touch goes the extra mile. Opt for personalized jewellery like an engraved bracelet or birthstone earrings to accompany your flower arrangement.

Plug Into the Houseparty App

Technology has made a lot of things easier, including closing the distance between us. The Houseparty app allows you to video chat with multiple people, not just one other person like FaceTime or other chat applications. Even better, Houseparty is free. Get all the sibs on the line for rockin’ Mother’s Day fete. To make the session extra sentimental, dig out a few family mementos and share your treasured memories with her.

Order Meal Delivery

One thing Mum should never have to do on Mother’s Day is lift a finger in the kitchen. Sending food over is an excellent way to show you are thinking of her even when you can’t be there to make a meal for her personally. Pick a selection from her favourite restaurant and be sure to call ahead to have it delivered on time. (Mother’s Day can be a busy one for eateries.) If they don’t do delivery, ask a local family member or friend to help out. An alternative is to order from a specialty shop, like exotic tea and scones. Place a second order for something similar for yourself and combine it with a video chat so it’s like you’re dining together.

Screen a Film Together

If you and your mum have similar tastes in movies, set up a time to watch one at the same time. Put the phone on speaker so you can discuss your favourite parts. This idea isn’t limited to movies, by the way. You could discuss a beloved book, or even schedule a crafting session to do together. Send her over the supplies in advance so you’re all set to create!

Get Crafty

It doesn’t matter how old her kids get, every mum loves a handmade gift. If there are grandkids, you definitely want to get them in on this scheme. Show her how far you’ve come from the wilting flowers and crooked pottery of your childhood. You could make up a scrapbook, do calligraphy, decorate candles, or weave lavender wands. The possibilities are virtually endless, and Mum will certainly cherish your offering.

Compose Coupons

If the separation is a temporary one, such as due to travel, make up a personalised coupon book to be used at a future date. Design tickets for whatever she loves to do. Even something as simple as a stroll around her favourite park is special when you take the time to do it together. Vouchers for help around the house are another fine idea. Mum will certainly appreciate a garden clean-up or help weeding out the wardrobes when you can be together again.

Being separated from family is hard, but with a little thought and effort, you can show Mum how much you love her and make her feel appreciated on her special day!

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