Three weeks back into the school run and have you settled back into it yet? I haven’t, that Monday morning wake up is a tough one. However the kids are happy with their new teachers and we haven’t lost anything yet! 

I’ve been doing a school run constantly for 10 years now, so I’ve had quite a lot of practice and yes we maybe walking rather quick on some days to get there on time but we’ve never been as late that the gate is shut and we’ve had to sign in! So I think I am doing alright! So I wanted to give you some tips on making the school run go smoothly from my experiences. 

How To Make The School Run Go Smoothly 

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Night Before 

It really does start the night before!

  • Get lunchboxes filled and packed ready to go in fridge so they can just grab it.
  • Have snacks prepared in little pots 
  • Water bottles all washed ready to be filled.
  • Make sure their bags are packed with homework, PE kits, diaries and library books. 
  • Have uniform hung ready to put on, I made these little hooks for them to put their next days clothes on 

What to wear hooks

First Thing In The Morning 

  • Get them dressed before they go downstairs 
  • My girls have asthma so they need all their inhalers, so take medication etc first thing 
  • First thing they do when the come down is pack their lunchboxes and water bottles into bags 
  • Breakfast and drinks 
  • Then they are allowed to watch some TV. They have a time that the telly turns off, they know now it’s time to get ready. This allows them to let their breakfast settle and they feel like they’ve done something they wanted to do too. 
  • Once it’s time they turn the TV off and do the last bit of brushing their teeth and a wee.  

Time To Walk Out The Door 

  • We have all the coats, shoes and bags ready and right by the door. This way they come straight down the stairs and because everything is ready they don’t need to go anywhere and get distracted but out the door! 
  • We have a clock right by the front door and we have a time that we must leave by, so I can easily shout ‘look at the time!’ when their worrying about which set of Lego cards they need to bring today! 

Getting To School 

  • Get them to carry their own bags to school too. It is good for them to build up strength  but you also then won’t walk off with it still on your back (like I have done before!)

  • Figure out your timing if your either walking or driving. Allow time for parking space hunting, traffic and slow little legs!
  • If your driving consider parking further away from the school. This way the children can stretch their legs, get some fresh air first thing and it saves the school area getting filled up with cars too. 
  • Be aware of the busy roads around school.  People are so busy rushing around or trying to find a car parking space, I have seen some very dangerous and inconsiderate driving around the school. We are also considering a dash cam for our car to protect ourselves and others. Aviva offer an easy to use dash cam by installing their app on your smartphone. Which can then generate a score which can help reduce our car insurance too. 

Home Time 

  • When they come out check they have everything to save another trip back! 
  • If home isn’t that close or they are a little grumpy when they come out, bring a snack along with you. That will cheer them up and keep that hungry belly at bay. 
  • When they come in the house, get them in the routine of emptying their own bags. Mine have to bring their lunchboxes and water bottles to the kitchen so I can wash them. Also they will spot any letters they have been given that day too! 

I hope they helped, please do let me know if you have any other tips to make the school run go smoothly

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  1. Fab tips. We still haven’t got into a routine yet. I need to start hanging my daughters uniform up. That would defo save at least 15 minutes of faffing in the morning

    • It’s surprising how much a difference it makes to them being able to just grab their uniform in the morning. Your find a routine that works for you soon enough, thanks

  2. great tips. I am lucky my daughter has not got asthma like me so we don’t have to worry about morning meds but I agree about getting dressed upstairs. If she get’s dressed up there and comes down ready it is easier than nagging her to go upstairs and get dressed before we become late.

    • Yes it makes a big difference to get as much as done as possible early on, thank you

  3. These are so great tips! I struggle leaving the house with Jasmine when she’s 9 months let alone once school starts! I especially like the idea of the clock by the door – clever!

  4. The school run is the favourite part of my day, I shall miss it when I’m no longer needed. My oldest is 22 this year so I’ve been doing it for a long old time now lol – some really great tips here.

    • I love the morning school run as it gets me up and going to start the day. Wow you’ve had some practice! You can teach me a thing or two about it!

  5. I always feel so lucky that our school is just round the corner, so no worries about having to drive there at all. Phew! We do the same with having everything ready the night before, so it should be a case of just waking up, getting ready and going. It doesn’t always work out that way, but loads of time to practice! LOL.

  6. We’re only three weeks into our school run life but so far it is going well. We haven’t been late yet… I am not sure it will be so smooth next year when I have two to get ready, I’ll have to pin the post for then!

  7. Like you I have spent the last 8 years doing the school run. I walk (I don’t drive) it is just over a mile. Recently my husband has taken over as he starts work at 9.30am and he loves it. For me it is lovely as I can start work at 8am. We try and get organised the night before but it doesn’t always happen. Thankfully we have only ever been late once and that was the morning my hubby offered to drive and the car wouldn’t start!

    • Yeah well I think we can’t let you off that one time!!!! I like the fact that it gets us all up and going each day too, when it’s lovely and sunny too it’s nice

  8. Great tips, I have only been doing the school run for one year but I learnt that trick about snacks very early on. One at another mum took potty on me a pulled a packet of brioche from her handbag to offer some to Luke!

  9. I am honestly not looking forward to starting school runs but I do like the idea of preparing the night before.

    • It’s OK once you find your routine, I like the fact that it gets me up and going each day!

  10. Aw yes the school run. I too have been at this for 10 years we walk to school and like you I’ve most things done the night before. The only difference I have is the amount of medication I’ve to give and the TV. We allow toy playing before school. Mine act like TV is a drug , so we end up fighting if it goes on before school
    Some great tips x

  11. Great tips. You are so organised. We wing it most days and end up in a last minute mad dash panic. Luckily we don’t have to worry about a packed lunch

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