Another month has flown by and now it is the school holidays! How did that happen?

Knowing that me and hubby wouldn’t get our usual Mondays alone together for a couple of months we ‘booked’ a date lunch in!

Now you would think we would have gone to a pub, lunch out and spoiled ourselves……yes?

Nope! We went for a walk with the dog and a chocolate picnic!! Opps!

Yes a chocolate picnic, Hotel Chocolat had sent me a large box of chocolates so we had to share them together!

This is the view we had to enjoy……


We went to our local country park, this country park is special to us.

We had our first kiss there!

Royal Victoria is on the edge of the beach, along the solent so you have the water, woods and open spaces.

Our picture for this month is a plan old boring ‘selfie’ taken on my iphone.


But I know that we had a lovely time together, just me and him, peace and quiet. Perfect!

dear beautiful

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