Who loves a good clear out? I know I do but I never get around to doing it! Clearabee also know this too! I am always shocked about how much stuff we can accumulate in such a short space of time! We have only been in our house for 5 years and had a good clear out when we moved here. Although there were some things we just shoved up in the loft when we moved in and have not touched since. 

The last straw was when my window cleaner texted me to ask if he could clean the windows (like he normally does every 8 weeks) but I had to turn him down as there was no way he could get through the garage to the back of the house as it was so full. The 2 months previously he had to squeeze through.

So when Clearabee got in touch with me to see if I wanted to review their services, I knew it was going to be the perfect opportunity to have a big old clear out of our loft and garage. 

Clearabee is a National UK rubbish removal service and has a few different rubbish removal services that they offer. From a Man and a Van, Sacks and the Skip Bags. We decided we should go for the Clearabee Skip Bags. This meant we could have the bag delivered asap and then start filling it up at our own leisure. 

We started off with the loft, sorting and clearing at the same time. Sorting things to go to the charity shop, keep, things to sell and then things to go straight into the Clearabee Skip Bag.  

What Size Clearabee Skip Bag? 

I ordered the X-Large Skip Bag which says can hold 12 washing machines, measures 245cm x 190cm x 100cm, 6 yards, and 1500 kgs. Which to me doesn’t mean much but I knew we would have a lot of stuff to get rid of. However, I did think we would have some room left!!

The skip bag arrives with next day delivery so as long as you place your order by 3pm Mon-Fri, orders received after 3pm on Friday will be dispatched on a Monday and it arrives completely flat packed. So if you’re not planning on using it straight away you can have it stored easily. You have up to 12 months to arrange collection after placing your order. So no pressure at all. 

Once unfolded I got to realise just how big this bag really was! Here is hubby standing in it, and it wasn’t even folded out properly! He hates his photo taken!!!

Clearabee recommends you fill up around the sides first as this gives the bag support and then you can easily fill in the middle with all your stuff. This worked well for us as we had some large pallets that we stood up on the side creating a nice box to fill. 

How Much Did We Clear?

I cannot tell you how satisfying it was getting rid of all our junk,  hubby always moaned about the loft and how much of a mess it was up there. He could never find anything! Not anymore, look at our before and after of one side! 

Next up was our garage, this one is a bit more of a grubby job and some different type of rubbish. So we checked the label on the Skip Bag to see what type of things couldn’t go in, only to be very surprised. Pretty much everything apart from, Paint Tins, Food Waste, Chemicals, Tyres, Gas Bottles, and Batteries. Even plasterboard could go in as long as it was in a separate bag.


What is great about the skip bags is they can be pretty much placed anywhere unlike a large heavy skip. We placed ours on the driveway near the house for ease of filling. However if you don’t have a driveway, just a garden space or you need your drive you don’t need to worry. They just unloaded everything out of the skip bag into their van, so it didn’t matter where it was placed. 

Collection by Clear bee

I was keen to see how easy it was to have it collected, you can place your collection online on the date you require and this is all arranged for you. Clear bee will send you an e-mail/text to let you know when the collection company are coming to collect the rubbish. I got an e-mail with the reg of the van and time they will arrive by. 

The guy was friendly, and efficient and got on with the rubbish clearing. If you want to keep the bag you can do. As with the X-Large one, you will get £20 off your next rubbish collection and it’s ready for you to use next time too. He pulled everything out of the Skip Bag and placed it inside his van. 

He cleared all of this within about 20 minutes! 


The Clearabee man did take some photos beforehand, this is to show the waste you had in the Skip Bag and also they sometimes will take photos of the waste as they go along. Clearabee makes sure they recycle, up-cycle, pass onto charity and about 90% of the waste collected will never reach a landfill.  I love this idea. 


I have never hired a normal skip before so I don’t have anything to compare to, but I do think for the quick service and convenience that Clearabee offer is good value. My X-Large skip bag was £249.99 with the bag and collection but £20 off next time as I already have the bag. 

Smaller skip bags start from £99.99, with options of a small, medium, large and x-large bag. They also offer sack collection of 3 sacks from £9.99 if you are unable to get to the dump yourself or too much waste for the bin men. See the full range of Clearabee

Want Someone To Do It For You? 

Clearabee also offers a Man and A Van option. Where they will come out and remove all your rubbish for you. This was so tempting to do as it would have been great to get someone else to do it for us. However the type of rubbish we wanted to be collected needed to be sorted through first. If you don’t know how much rubbish it is going to be, you can just book an attendance fee of £24.99 and the rest will be worked out on the day and pay by card. 

Overall Impression of Clearabee

I was super pleased by the Clear bee rubbish removal service from start to finish, and would happily use Clearabee again and would happily recommend them to anyone. 

*I received the Clearabee Skip Bag for the purpose of this review. However, all words and opinions are honest and of my own. 


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  1. Wow this is such a fantastic idea!! We are going to be moving soon and need to get rid of some things and going to bear this in mind as it sounds really easy and simple to do

    Laura x

  2. I’ve not seen these kind of skips before – great idea! Our house is an absolute mess at the moment and is in desperate need of a declutter!!! I could do with one of these to motivate me to fill it!

    • It really motivated us, we cleared out so much and it feels so good to do! I know it’s a job we would have not done for ages otherwise

  3. Well done on having a good clear out – it’s definitely something we need to do to! It does sound like it makes things a lot easier to have someone else come and collect it all, rather than have to lug it all to the tip yourself.

  4. This seems like a great service and I wonder if we have something like this in my country. Totally agree with about the amount if junk that we all unintentionally accumulate in our houses and then get confused about how to get rid of them.

  5. such a wonderful idea! Especially love that they put everything in the right recycling place. It’s frightening how much reusable stuff ends up in skips

    • It’s scary isn’t it, great way to deal with our waste and I feel happier knowing it’s not just going to the tip

  6. Wow! What an incredible before and after transformation! The feeling is just amazing when your house is all cleaned up and everything is neatly organized!

  7. This is really useful. We’re planning on finishing the garden in the summer and we’ll have a lot of turf and soil to shift. Sounds perfect. Really impressed with your after pics of the garage btw. Good job. x

    • Thanks, all hubbys work and everything was sorted into the drawers too! Yes sounds like Clearabee would be great for you

  8. Its a shame my dad isn’t so hands on in our house. We have a guy for absolutely everything. A guy for the plumbing, a guy for the hardware, a guy for the gardens, a guy for regular maintenance! I have never seen a skip outside my house ever!


    • Glad you were happy with it too, nice to know others had a good experience too.

  9. This is such a great service. Do they chuck everything away or will they take things to charity shop too. I need something like this for clearout but also to deliver large objects to charity shops.

    • Yep they recycle everything they possibly can. Either recycling, charity shops, or up-cycle. Fantastic idea. You can see him sorting it as it was putting it in his van

  10. Oh now you have given me an idea, as we need to clear our garage and loft…I think we may need a couple of these though its a huge job. Such a good idea though!

    • I was so surprised we filled this bag up! It really gets you going and filling it up once you’ve started!!

  11. I don’t know of any service like that here in the states, but it does look like such a great idea. I will have to check this out and see if we have a local company that does this. We could use clearing out some junk.

  12. Stephanie Sherlock Reply

    Interesting concept. I still think donating whatever you can to a non profit is best, as I hate to see usable items get destroyed in a land fill.

    • Oh don’t worry we gave away everything we could ourselves at our local charities, but the company also sort through everything and recycle everything they can. They say 90% doesn’t end up on a landfill

  13. That really such a huge one! I love that this is such a hassle free one. Also, I love the idea that they will recycle it and donate those that are reusable to charities.

  14. What a great idea to declutter and tidy your place up but at the same time know that stuff you giveaway will be recycled.

    • Yes I loved that idea to, nice to know its not just going to sit on a landfill for years

  15. Clearing things out is always such a chore, but it’s definitely worth it in the end. This looks like a great, affordable service that helps get the job done efficiently. If only we had something similar in the states.

    • It really is isn’t it. We kept putting it off but finally got around to doing it!

  16. I have seen these type of bags before. I knew they were some kind of garbage bag but that was all. I wonder if they also recycle the items as well. It’s definitely a handy service.

  17. I never heard of clearabee service! This sounds super useful, Need to heck it out to clear out my garage!

  18. This is a big bag! good for moving some of the things you don’t need anymore. Or actually I can also use it, if I moved to another place. The big one, looks like a swimming pool 😛

  19. Love a little clear out myself but as you said don’t really always get to it. Moving housea soon so this will definitely be happening x

    • Oh yes don’t leave it to the last minute! We usually do that and its always such a rush

  20. Sound like a great way to get rid of massive amounts of accumulated rubbish. Going to have to keep this one in mind.! Thanks for sharing!

  21. This is really great service! I wonder if they also provide US location too? I would love to try for Spring cleaning!

  22. We need to clear out the loft and this looks like a great idea. I don;t have road access at the front of my house those which might be a problem

    • I would give them a ring and ask, as they say it can be placed almost anywhere and the person was so helpful on clearing it too. I reckon there is a way they can help

  23. sound like you have made amazing hard work in your house, it’s nice to know that someone will come to pick up your trash at the end of the day and that it will become a recycling process rather than garbage, I’m happy for you that your house is cleaned now.

    • Great idea isn’t it nice to know it’s not just going to be chucked on a landfill

  24. This is such a clever idea! My Dad uses a skip all the time, as he is dong up a house, so I’ll have to let him know about Clearabee 🙂

  25. Justine Robson Reply

    This sounds great, and as I’m being roped in to help clear my parents’ garage, this might just do the trick.

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