What I love about new technology is how it can connect people, keep families in contact and allows us to share memories together. I have been quite behind the times with digital photos frames and never had one. Considering the number of photos I take, you would like I would have one. 

Nixplay Digital Photo Frame 

When Nixplay got in contact with me to show me their range of digital photo frames I was really impressed by the WiFi enabled ones.  It meant I was able to connect my Instagram account to the digital photo frame.  I take part in the Project365 photo a day project, which I have done for 4 years in a row now! This means I have over 1400 images that I’ve shared on there, plus the ones in between. Put it this way, when I uploaded my Instagram photos to the frame I hit the 2000 photo limit that is set for that one playlist. But don’t panic if you’re like me and have loads on your Instagram, the 2000 limit is only for that one playlist folder, you can add more playlists!! 

It now means my Instagram page can be enjoyed long term and not just a social network for me to upload to. 

What can you connect to the digital photo frame? 

If Instagram isn’t your thing you can connect other social channels and photo storage like Facebook, Dropbox, Google Photos and Flickr. This makes uploading your photos to your frame super easy and quick. 

How do you upload photos to the digital photo frame?

You can either upload the photos by using their simple to use app or on a computer. When registering the Nixplay digital photo frame you need to make sure you do this on a computer and sign up to a register an account. Once your account is open and the frame is paired you can fill up your frame full of photos. 

You can now start using the Nixplay app if you prefer, creating different playlists to add into your frame. All of this is done by not even touching the digital photo frame, just by adding them to the cloud. 

With 10GB of free cloud storage and being able to add up to five frames to each account means you have a lot of photos to upload before you hit the limit! I have about 2400 in mine currently, and I am using 7%!!! 

Send and receive photos from friends and family

This is the function I love and how I really think this works for family and friends. You can add friends to your frame by inviting them by e-mail. From then they can then add their photos to the cloud, which will then be adding to your frame! I love the idea of this for family and friends who don’t live nearby. You can upload your photos to their frames! 

Personalise your frame 

I loved that you can name your frame whatever you want. You can even have the flexibility within the settings to adjust the transitions, times between changes, shuffle and even a display clock. 

You can see this one transitioning through the photos to the next one here, you can pick your transitions or have them random. 

How to control your Nixplay digital photo frame

It comes with a handy little remote to use to control the frame, turning it on, skipping, pausing, and going back, which has been done a lot by my kids when they see a picture they love!

Energy saving mode

It comes with an activity sensor which detects when there is sound in the room and will play the photos, but when it’s quiet it will stop! With Nixplay Iris it will dim and brighten its panel to best display photos according to your ambient light level within the room. 

Portrait or landscape? 

You’re not tied to one way or the other with the Nixplay digital photo frame, just turn the frame to the way you want and the photos correct themselves. A handy stand is even part of the power cable so you can have it whatever way you want. 

The kids LOVE it! 

We all love it and are really enjoying seeing so many of the photos I take but never get to see that often. But the kids are really enjoying it. The first thing my daughter does when she comes down in the morning is turning on the Nixplay digital photo frame and you can hear the lovely little reactions when they see the photos from years ago of the things we have done together. It really ignites their memories. 

The Nixplay Iris 8″ digital photo frame is priced at £169, this isn’t a cheap product but it does so much and has so much potential to connect families and friends. I am very impressed with mine. 

I have the peach copper frame but it’s available in three colours, silver, peach copper and burnished bronze which all work really well with your interiors. 

*I was sent a  Nixplay digital photo frame for the purpose of this review. However, all opinions and words are honest and of my own. 


Enter below for the chance for you to win the same frame as I have, worth £169 and fill it with all your memories. 

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  1. Janine Houghton Reply

    Silver would look great in my lounge when we’ve finished decorating

  2. Amy Jo mclellan Reply

    I love the peach copper – it’s almost like rose gold in its tone and it just gorgeous

  3. Terry Greer Reply

    These are fabulous they would be amazing for the photos of us sharing 36 wonderful years together with my lovely wife Susan this year would be amazing

  4. charlotte wilde Reply

    i love the silver colour – i think it would look great

  5. All three colours are classic, but I do like the Peach copper the most

  6. Donna Tomlin Reply

    The Rose Gold one is lovely and would look lovely in my living room

  7. Laura Corrall Reply

    I love the Burnished Bronze. Although all of them look lovely.

  8. Jessica Hutton Reply

    I like the burnished bronze. It would look lovely in my living room

  9. Marie Rungapadiachy Reply

    My favourite is the burnished bronze. I love the richness of this colour.

  10. Susan Willshee Reply

    I love the peach copper frame, although they are all lovely

  11. Nadine Holland Reply

    I can’t decide between peach copper or burnished bronze, maybe the bronze, just by a whisker. Thanks for the competition.

  12. Jo Richards Reply

    For me it would have to be silver to match the colour scheme in front room

  13. Shannon Mostert Reply

    Silver one, goes with my colour scheme in my living room.

  14. They both are lovely but if I have to choose it’s the silver one

  15. Susan Hoggett Reply

    the peach copper is lovely and would go great with my decor

  16. Tina Downs Reply

    the peach copper would look absolutely stunning in our living room

  17. Victoria Bazley Reply

    I really like the peach copper colour – really modern.

  18. JULIE WARD Reply

    The silver on, this would be great for my son and his family

  19. Margaret Wacey Reply

    They are all lovely but I like the Burnished Bronze one the best.

  20. Rebecca Whatmore Reply

    I like the look of the peach copper – it is unusual

  21. Pauline Wilson Reply

    I like the silver colour as it would go best with my decor

  22. Would love to win this amazing digital photo frame. I am an avid photographer and love photographing my children, it would be lovely to see their beautiful little pictures displayed on this frame without worrying about all the time consuming hassle of printing, buying many frames and finding somewhere for them to all go.

    Thank you for the opportunity to win x

  23. Sophie Roberts Reply

    I love the silver one, it would go lovely in my living room

  24. Victoria Prince Reply

    I think my favourite is the silver. These are great 🙂

  25. HappyPanda Reply

    The Peach Copper one as it would fit perfectly into my Daughter’s new rose gold bedroom.

  26. Naked_Knitting Reply

    What a great idea. I love that you can upload to a family frame as my parents live a distance away.

  27. Jessica Walker Reply

    The peach copper is a bit different and very smart looking.

  28. debbi ruskin Reply

    I think I like the burnished bronze best but all of the colours are great

  29. Caroline Tinsley Reply

    I like silver best. I know rose gold and copper are “in”, but I still prefer white metal!

  30. Steve Weaver Reply

    I think I’d go for the Burnished Bronze, however if it’s to go anywhere other than my home office, Helen is going to insist on the Silver!

  31. kimberley ryan Reply

    love the Burnished Bronze although they all look fabulous

  32. Emma Walton Reply

    I really like the peach copper – it would go very nicly in my living room.

  33. I love the peachy copper one, so fingers crossed for a win. Great post though, I actually didn’t get a photo frame because I thought there wouldn’t be enough room for me, I had no idea they had brought out cloud versions as I haven’t kept up with the technology. Now that I know, it’s on my list, so thank you!

  34. TRACY JAMES Reply

    I really love the peach copper one.would look gorgous in my living room

  35. Alexandra Johnson Reply

    The peach copper one is lovely and would match all the other frames in my house 🙂

  36. What a brilliant idea! I can never decide which photos to frame, this would solve that problem. I love the peach copper frame too.

  37. Christina Palmer Reply

    I love the peach copper one. This would be ideal for having pictures of my 5 grandchildren on show. Will certainly brighten my day

  38. Oh the peach copper is the great choice. My mum has something similar and I love seeing all the memories and chatting about the good times. A great giveaway too.

    • We’ve always talked about getting one of these, but they used to be quite bulky and ugly. These are so much nicer – they actually blend in with the furniture rather than looking like a small computerised thing. Great! Xx

  39. Megan Williams Reply

    I love the burnished bronze, would go perfect with my other items!

  40. Kayleigh Watkins Reply

    I love the silver one, and with three children and lots of photos this would be perfect xx

  41. A S,Edinburgh Reply

    I like peach copper the most; it’s got a lovely warm tone to it.

  42. Chris Andrews Reply

    What colour frame do you love the most? . . . . the silver

  43. These are fab and a great way of making the most of photos that otherwise end up on our phones forever. That reminds me I need t get some more up to date prints done!

  44. Ian Campbell Reply

    Silver – because much like this metal, all my memories are precious 🙂

  45. Elizabeth Bazley Reply

    I love the peach copper it would go well in my lounge .

  46. Nathalie Blackman Reply

    I would love a silver one. It would be the perfect Mother’s day present for my Mum who leaves abroad.

  47. I love the peach copper one – would fit into my home style beautifully.

  48. Such a great idea – I love the fact it would be show off so many of your digital photos that otherwise never get seen.

  49. I love the peach copper colour frame, it looks really good and would match perfectly with my lounge!

  50. I love the peach copper one you have! It would go really well with the deco in our house

  51. I love this Steph – what a great idea to bring the memories alive! I bet it’s a great conversation starter for when friends are round too!

  52. These are great. We got one for my in-laws and loaded it up with pics of the grandkids x

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