We have decided now we have a larger garden we really wanted to give the kids their own space in the garden. A place where they can go and hide and make up lovely games and stories. So we have chosen the top of the garden in the corner. After buying a 2nd hand climbing frame off a wonderful auction site, we are ready to go! The twins have their birthday in May and we would like to do a birthday party here in the garden so we have a deadline. Hubby works good to a deadline!!

So here is the area we have chosen……..right up in the top corner is a shed that is rotten and falling apart, the greenhouse went up on eBay as soon as we moved in so that someone could come and take it apart and take it away for us!

greenhouse shed shed1

Now the garden looks a lot bigger!!! My mum’s word’s were ‘well of course it would look bigger with nothing in it!!!’ So now we have the task of clearing and getting rid of all the wood and rubbish found in side of it. We have many things to do before the climbing frame can go in!!

We have chosen to get rubber chippings to go down on the area that the climbing frame is going so that they don’t rot down and will soften any falls they have (fingers crossed they won’t!!). So keep reading and I will update you on each process until the project is finished! It will be worth all the hard work when the kids run out there with smiles on their faces and I get 5 mins peace!


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