Do you remember your first holiday abroad? We hadn’t managed to get away with the children abroad until last summer. My son had just turned 13 and my twin girls were 8. We were lucky enough to be invited over to Sweden to see my friend and her family after she had moved there the year before.  The kids were so excited to be able to go on a plane and to see another country too.

So in August 2017 we headed off to Sweden, first stop was my friend’s house on a beautiful island on the south of Sweden.

Day 1

Here they are VERY nervous about getting on the plane!! 

It’s not often you stop off at service stations and there’s an area for the kids to play in with the goats! 

Day 2

As everyone back in England was having terrible weather we had lovely blue skies and warm weather to be able to explore her island. We had fun on the beach, splashing in the Baltic sea and hot dogs over the firepits that are dotted around for everyone to use. 

Day 3 

We had a nice walk around the coastal path of their island. Sweden has a right to roam ( Allemansrätten) access so you are free to walk wherever you want as long as you are respectful of people and nature. You can tell that everyone around is. You never see litter, broken things and everyone is very friendly. What surprised me and Kev is that people don’t really have fences or boundaries! It’s all open and we were able to walk along the bottom of people’s gardens (large gardens!) and walk along the coast edge where they moor their boats. 

Day 4 

Today we left my friend’s house and off to the busy city of Copenhagen! We had hired a AirBnB property and picked up our Copenhagen cards for travelling around on the transport. I highly recommend these as it made using the transport so easy and cheap. 

We spent this day traveling, dropping the hire car back, picking up Copenhagen cards, finding the house, popping to the local beach (wasn’t so picturesque as Sweden!) making a trip to the local Lidl at the end of the road and settling in the house. Ready for some fun over the next few days.  

Day 5 

With our Copenhagen cards there was places that you got ‘free’ entrance to and these weren’t small attractions. They were good ones, so we had planned our visits around these. First stop was Den Bla Planet National Aquarium Denmark

Next stop was to fill our tummies! Copenhagen has some amazing food places so you won’t struggle for places to eat. I had heard about Copenhagen Street Food Market. An old industrial building that is filled up with various of traders selling food from all different places around the world. We could all pick something we wanted! See my full blog post on Copenhagen Street Food Market 

 The food market is right in Copenhagen so we took this opportunity to do one of the canal tours. This again is included in the Copenhagen card. It was brilliant, took you all around and the kids loved being on the boat. The tour guide was good fun and told some great stories. 

We had to see the famous Nyhavan in Copenhagen as this is what all the pictures of Copenhagen are all of! It is very pretty with all of its colour houses.

Day 6 

This was the day that the kids had been waiting for! Tivoli Gardens and Amusement Park. It didn’t let us down, it was amazing. It is the 2nd oldest amusement park in the world but it’s just so beautiful too. Our parks could learn a thing or two from Tivoli. It has rides, gardens to relax in, shows, firework nights and restaurants (expensive!) The entrance into the gardens is included in the Copenhagen cards and we paid extra to go on the rides. People were turning up in the evening all dressed up for dinner and to watch a show. It was so pretty and I would love to go back. Take a look at my full blog post on Tivoli Gardens

Day 7 

Todays trip was to Copenhagen Zoo. This again was included in the Copenhagen cards, it was easy to find and get to on the transport. A good day out, we managed to fill the whole day exploring here. There are so many animals to see and activities to do. It even goes onto the other side of the road using a subway!  Full blog post on Copenhagen Zoo 

The one main attraction for me was to see the Polar Bears. I haven’t ever seen a Polar Bear before but I knew they would be pretty impressive. 

Weekly Video Of Our Copenhagen Fun

Hope you enjoyed seeing what we got up to and maybe it has given you some ideas on what you could do when visiting Copenhagen. 


  1. What an amazing time we all had together and so pleased to show you our island home and make memories! I have recently fallen in love with Copenhagen too (after visiting it for another reason other than it’s airport!!) it is a beautiful place #getmoorefromlife

    • You live in a beautiful country, and lucky to live near a stunning city. Thank you

  2. Oh wow this holiday looks incredible. I’d never considered Sweden/Copenhagen to be a place to visit to be honest with children or as a holiday destination but i think you’ve completely changed my mind!! This sounds right up our street and I am considering visiting here just from reading your blog post. I will be hopping over to read more about the Tivoli theme park as we just love theme parks!!!

    • Yes it isn’t somewhere I thought about travelling too, but with my friend over in Sweden it was a perfect opportunity to. I am so pleased we managed it as it was such a lovely place to explore

  3. Wow! Great photos. I remember watching the Hairy Bikers when they toured the Baltic and thought wow – take me there. This looks fantastic. #ExplorerKids

    • Thanks, it was pretty chilly water but a beautiful place to sit and chill….and eat hotdogs!

  4. I love the idea of the firepits that are dotted around for everyone to use – such a great idea! It’s such a lovely idea that you can walk around freely. I really wish it was like this everywhere. I’ve been to Copenhagen when I was a student. It feels like a moon ago! But I haven’t been to the aquarium yet. It’s huge!! How cool to be able to see the Polo bear swimming! I love that photo so much. Looks like they are having fun.

    Thank you very much for linking up with us on #ExplorerKids x

  5. Mother of 3 Reply

    Wow! That looks like quite the impressive trip. I love the aquarium and zoo pictures and just can not get over how beautiful the amusement park is with all those flowers and trees around. #Explorerkids

    • Tivoli was stunning and so many people went there just to do the gardens and see the light show. It was a pretty magical place

  6. What a great first family holiday abroad. Will be pinning this post as Copenhagen and Sweden are on our radar for later this year. The Aquarium in Denmark looks amazing! #ExplorerKids

    • Thank you, I am glad you liked the post and it gave you some ideas for your trip. It was a lovely place to explore

  7. I really enjoyed reading this. I have had a bit of an obsession with Copenhagen the last couple of years and am desperate to go with my husband sbd children. Hoping for next year! The Copenhagen card sounds like great value. I’ll have to remember that when we do eventually make it there.

    • Ah thank you, glad you liked it. Do go it’s fantastic and we had an amazing time. The card was a brilliant thing to have, made travelling super easy too

  8. I love seeing my home city through other people’s posts! Happy you liked Copenhagen, looks like you saw and did a ton! Tivoli is all sorts of cute in every season and I always recommend it even if you aren’t into rides! Unfortunately Papirøen where Copenhagen Street Food used to be is no longer. There will be a new food market further down the canal that is scheduled to open in May – hopefully it will have the same awesome vibe! Cheers from Denmark, Erin #MondayEscapes

    • Oh I hope the food market is just as good, we loved it there. It was packed when we went I imagined they had done well. It’s a beautiful city and we would love to visit it again

  9. I had to check exactly where that Copenhagen Air BNB was as it looks very much like the beach I used go to with my kids when they finished school when we lived there. Scandinavia really is paradise for kids isn’t it? 🙂

  10. I would love to visit Copenhagen. I keep seeing the Tivoli Gardens pop up and it looks like an amazing day out

  11. What a wonderful trip and you did such fun things for the kids, mine would have been mad for that amusement park and the zoo. The streets and markets look right up my street, I’m raking my brain for if I’ve visited in my old working life, but I think I went to Denmark not Sweden. It looks a lovely place for a holiday.

    Thank you for sharing with me on #CountryKids

  12. John Milnes Reply

    A lot of great photographs and memories. Another destination to add to my photography bucket list.

    Thanks for Sharing

    John M

  13. Blair Villanueva Reply

    OMG your story makes me sold to visiting Sweden. I want to experience the huge aquarium in Denmark!

  14. I love looking at people’s holidays pics. It looks like a really nice place and sounds like you all had a good time. I love how you mixed work with play and the children enjoyed some educational activities too

  15. Jennifer Prince Reply

    Aw! I am glad it was a successful time for you and your family. I’ve always wanted to go to Copenhagen and Sweden. Such lovely places – the buildings are gorgeous!

  16. t looks like a fab place to visit. I’ll have to pop it on my bucket list

  17. Having lived most of my life in Sweden, I always find it interesting to see how others see it. I’m happy to have left it for the UK, but there are a few positives which you pick up on here, which I can sometimes miss, such as the ‘allemansrätten’ and the larger gardens. I also enjoyed seeing your pictures from Copenhagen, and reading about your experiences there. I visited Tivoli once as a child and remember it as a pretty magical place! I’ve been back to Copenhagen a few times later too, and it certanly is great for food (and drink!), and a generally great city centre, in my opinion x #CountryKids

  18. This is such a cool post. It gives me ideas of what I would like to do with my daughter going abroad. It looks like you had such a lot of fun. And having the kids enjoy educational as well as beautiful things in Copenhagen is great. Such great pictures.

  19. I bet this trip will stay with your kid for a lifetime! I love traveling but I had to put it on the backburner for a while because I have a two year old and a baby in the belly to be born in May. My hubby and I are happy if we can make it to the grandparents and back, without tantrums and so on, so a travel abroad is just out of the picture for now. I can’t wait to see my son’s face one day when he will first travel by a plane…your kids are adorable, all that excitement in their eyes!!!

    • Thank you very much, they loved it so much and it was lovely to be able to show them so much too. I know that feeling of it being a struggle to get anywhere! Thanks

    • It is a very lovely place to visit and glad we managed to get so much done in the days we were there!

  20. How exciting! I have never been to Copenhagen, but it is a place that I’d love to visit someday with my family. 🙂

  21. We are in the south of Sweden and just wondered which island it was? Love Copenhagen and it is so good for kids. If you ever get the chance to go back, visit Tivoli at Halloween – it is amazing!

    • Oh I have seen some pictures of it at Halloween and it looks amazing!!! Sorry as it’s my friend who lives on the island with her kids I don’t want to say. Beautiful though isn’t it.

  22. Oh how lovely! What a trip you had! We haven’t taken our four abroad yet, only my eldest two have been, but I’m gearing up to it!

  23. Wow!!! sweden and copenhagen looks so amazing; looks like you had a wonderful time with the kids over there.

  24. Loving the pics, Copenhagen has been so long on our list but I am always hesitant to head North rather than South to sunnier skies! Thanks a lot for sharing gorgeous coast landscapes, Tivoli gardens and pretty coloured houses have been my favourites! #countrykids

    • Oh do it! It was a lovely City and we had warmer weather than everyone back here in the UK when we visited in August!

  25. I really want to show my daughter the world! It’s just hard to overcome my fear of flying that stops me…

    • Ah I am sorry you have a fear over flying. Such a hard one to overcome too. I hadn’t flown in years so was a little nervous!

    • Thank you, it was a big adventure for us! Loved it though…time for another!!

  26. It looks like you had an amazing time away with the kids! Glad they loved Copenhagen, it’s a great city to bring kids along on holidays, easy to go around and with different activities. I’m sure they had lots of fun at Tivoli and the Zoo.

    • SO much to do isn’t there, it was a great place to visit for our first holiday with them

    • Yes the blue sky really does make you want the sunshine and warmth back now doesn’t it!!

  27. What a fabulous first holiday! So many things to see and do both for you and the kids.

    • Yes it was pretty full on! I think we’re go for a relaxing holiday next time!

  28. Dean of Little Steps Reply

    This is my idea of a good holiday especially with the blue skies. It’s clear from all the photos that you guys had a blast. Dreaming of a getaway now… somewhere preferably warm 🙂

  29. Looks like you guys had a fun and relaxing family vacation to Sweden and Copenhagen. Two beautiful places that I’d love to visit someday! Thanks for sharing your itinerary!

  30. Your pictures are fantastic, especially the ones of the polar bear. It looks like a fantastic place to visit. I am impressed by the value of the Copenhagen card and all the places you visited. #countrykids

    • Yes it was great being able to get all those places and transport included. The polar bear was the highlight of my Zoo visit!

  31. Ahhh this brings back memories we took our daughter to Copenhagen almost three years ago we loved the zoo but sadly Tivoli gardens was closed at the time.

    • Ah no! Tivoli was our favourite place, if you go again do visit there when it’s open

  32. It looks like a fab place to visit. I’ll have to pop it on our list. Your kids are adorbale. Lots of fab memories there!

  33. Well done on surviving your first holiday aboard! Looks like you all had a fantastic time!

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