Our weekend in pictures, a little diary of what we get up to at the weekends together.

I’m sorry this one is quite picture heavy, but I just couldn’t cut it down shorter!! 

Saturday 1st July 2017 

Every year our village (well town) but it’s always been a village to me, has a carnival and fair. So we popped down there to have a look around, the girls didn’t fancy going on any of the rides, but they did spot the candy floss! Gus was wishful thinking, but LOVED the smell of this!! 

Tyler was helping out on the Scouts stall, so we had to go and give him some business! 

A chippy lunch too! 

When I was a little girl I always went along to the carnival and have such lovely memories of it. Since my children I have always tried to take mine along too, they love chucking their money into the buckets! 

I really fancied popping along to the beach in the evening, take our dinner and enjoy the peace. So that’s just what we did! 5pm came and we headed off! Although the amount of stuff we had to take, was the same as if we had gone for the full day! 

These little ladies ran off wanting to paddle in the sea……..

and here’s these little ladies running back after finding out that the sea was rather cold!!! 

The joy on her face for jumping in a massive hole that had already been dug!! 

Hotdogs on the beach, a perfect beach dinner. We cooked the sausages before we left, and wrapped them in foil, they were still warm and perfect for eating! 

Although it was VERY windy, Daddy was a great wind breaker! It looks lovely and sunny, but it was getting chilly with the windy by 6:30pm 

I happily enjoyed my tea to warm up

and a cuddle with Lily too, I could have laid here for ages with her. We don’t stop often enough, and it was so quiet here. We both said I could happily shut my eyes and have a sleep! 

By about 7pm people had headed home, and we were one of the few people on the beach. Just a few people out for an evening walk, or surf. Days like this I wish we lived here 

We had the intention of cooking our bacon the beach too, but as it was so windy we were too worried about our camp stove blowing out, and us not knowing. So we just toasted our marshmallows instead!!  

We stayed until the sun was setting, and we were getting too cold! 

Sunday 2nd July 2017

After the normal swimming lessons, we have been putting off the garden weeding for too many weeks! The front garden was so bad, and was totally embarrassed! 

The kids love it when we are out in the front garden, as we live in a nice cul-da-sac the kids can ride their bikes around in a circle whilst we’re watching them. One of the big reasons we liked this road. 

Typically just as we were packing up, Sofia fell off her bike, so was feeling a little sorry for herself. 

Gus is super lucky to have little kids to play with, there’s always someone to play with! 

I love being able to stop and chill in our garden now, Kev’s mended my deckchair so we can both sit together too. Yes I have my PJ’s on!!! 

Our new nextdoor neighbours haven’t been in long and I had to give them the bad news that we spotted a wasp nest in their wooden conservatory. I felt so bad for them as it was the last thing they needed. However the bloke had to have access from our side as it was much easier, it kept mine amused on what was going on! 

We had a lovely weekend, and I cannot wait for next weekend! 

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  1. Ah it looks like a really lovely weekend. I love the beach picture with the coloured huts, and toasting marshmallows what a fab activity for the children. #pointshoot

    • I LOVE my Emma Bridgewater mug! I have always wanted one, and got them as a present

  2. Kerry Norris Reply

    They dug a big hole at the beach. Love the idea of marshmallows there. Gorgeous pics and looks like you had a good weekend x

  3. I used to love carnivals when I was little. Our little village used to go all out. Sadly Bournemouth one is rubbish. Candy Floss is the best!

  4. I have to say i love your garden. I can’t wait until we finally have ours done like we want to but that could be a while

    • Ah thank you, we’ve done it pretty cheaply. Was quote ยฃ3000 just to create the planters!!

    • We are lucky where we live, we have countryside, beach and cities within easy reach

  5. It sounds like you had such a great weekend. The carnival looks like such a great community event. I always really enjoy things put on in our community. I think it makes people in the area feel more connected.

    • Yes that’s what I said, I was pleased to see lots of people out and lots of people chatting to each other.

  6. I loved the beach shots. What an amazing way to end a fun day! Your garden looks fabulous Thank you for linking up to #PointShoot

    • It’s such a simple idea but the kids loved it! I found a use for the old camping stove!

  7. What a lovely weekend it looks like it was very busy but loads of fun with going to a carnival and time at the beach too.

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