Our weekend in pictures, a little diary of what we get up to at the weekends together. Just a bunch of normal family life pictures!

Saturday 2nd December  

The day started with the school Christmas fair, with lots of tasty things to eat and buy! 

Trust them to buy the blue candy floss!!!

Tyler came home from agility today with ‘dog of the day’ well done to them both! Spot Gus’s little medal! 

We spent the rest of the afternoon cleaning and getting the lounge ready for the Christmas tree. It was a little stressful this year…don’t be fooled by the pictures!!! Family life is never straight forward

We have a photo of the kids putting the star on the top of the tree every year, however it’s usually Daddy having to hold them up there…..not this year they are all big enough to do it themselves. 

Sunday 3rd December 

We had a surprise for the kids today….woke them up at 6:30am on a SUNDAY….!! We were off to London for the day, we had been invited up by Uniqlo and Cozmo the robot. Hannah Argyle has designed such a cute set of T-Shirts with a little Cozmo robot on them, so they wanted us to pop up to see the new T-Shirts and for the kids to have a play with Cozmo. 

The kids were so excited by their surprise as they have only been to London once before! 

We squeezed in some sight seeing first though! Walked past the London Eye which Tyler could not believe his eyes how big it was, he expected it to be one like at the fairs! 

I thought we would pop by Buckingham Palace, only to spot them just coming out and changing the guard!! Not what we expected but nice to see it briefly. However a shame that we then couldn’t get up close to the gates to show the kids a better view. 

Then it was time to head over to Uniqlo in Oxford Street to meet Cozmo. Cozmo didn’t disappoint! My kids are 8-13yrs and they all loved him, and Tyler is a proper computer geek and he loved the challenges and games that Cozmo set him! 

How cute are the T-Shirts, she has done a great job on designing them. We had a vote for 2 white ones with the 3 Cozmo’s on and then 1 white with the large Cozmo and hearts on. 

There was the best ever face painter there too, Lily asked for a unicorn………how amazing is this unicorn?! Everyone around London kept looking at her face paint and commenting on it. 

Lily was so impressed that Cozmo knew her name, and would day ‘Hello Lily’ to her!

Sofia loved Cozmo so much that she wanted him face painted on her face! 

After the event we headed out to do some window shopping, what I love about London at Christmas is the wonderful window displays. The kids had to check everyone out properly!

Ever since Liberty’s did their TV program I wanted to visit, me and hubby visited London on our own last year and picked a bauble. So I had to do the same this year didn’t I! They have such a lovely Christmas shop filling the whole of the top floor, you must make a visit there! 

I knew there was some amazing Christmas lights in London but I haven’t seen them since I was about 10 years old! So perfect chance to show the kids too, we visited Oxford Street but it was too early to see them properly lit up.

Regents Street with the flying Angels 

but the best of all was Carnaby Street….the kids came around the corner and just gasped!

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  1. What an absolutely gorgeous week. Congratulations on the medal! I love the photos of them with the star on the tree. My daughter helped me decorate ours this week and it was just so lovely to get to do it altogether. It looks like you had such a fun time in London and I definitely would have chosen the blue candyfloss too haha.x

    • I know blue candy floss……why couldn’t they pick the pink one!! Although I am sure it is just as bad!

  2. This beats my weekend of wearing lounge pants and eating chocolate! The tree looks good.

  3. What an impressive weekend your family had, I love going into London for a visit and hoping to see the lights switched on before Christmas

  4. Well done to Gus and Tyler!! Your day in London looks amazing and I aspire to be able to paint unicorns like that using the facepaints!!xxx

  5. We always do the lights in London, as well as the big shop windows – I think that’s when the kids reallly start to get a buzz for Christmas. Your Christmas fair looks fun too!

    • Yes it really did get the children excited for Christmas!! They were bursting!

  6. Mrs Mary Ann Abbott Reply

    That Carnaby carnival looks amazing! Love the photos, lovely memories x

  7. It looks like you had a lovely week. I loved all of your pics from London. I’m missing not seeing the lights there this year

    • Thank, they were beautiful and the kids loved them too. I’ve not seen them in about 20yrs!!!

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