Our weekend in pictures, a little diary of what we get up to at the weekends together. Just a bunch of normal family life pictures!

This weekend didn’t go to plan AT ALL! Everything was cancelled due to this rubbish weather we had. No snow, just rain and a lot of it!! 

I am vlogging my weekends too so please take a little watch 

Saturday 20th January 

Lily was out at her friends and Tyler was going to go to dog agility. So I thought I would take this little lady out for a treat. Just us two. I don’t know about you but I don’t spend much one to one time with the kids. However dog agility was cancelled due to the bad weather. 

This little lady didn’t want anyone else coming with us even though they were now free!! So we headed out without them!! 

We picked Kettle and Cake as our choice of tearoom. This open a few months ago about 5 minutes walk down the road from us. However we haven’t been yet!!! 

Kids hot chocolate with mint Areo bubble chocolate cake was Sofias choice!! 

I mentioned on my vlog last week about these lights. They are *softbox lights for doing product shots.  My house is very dark inside and I always struggle to get pictures done indoors with natural light. Not anymore! If you’re a blogger and you do product shots I think you need these!! 

This is them on……

…………and off! They also fold down smaller as well and in a carry bag so easy to store too

Here’s my assistant cooking for me! We are filming our first proper recipe video/vlog post so needed some good lighting! Fingers crossed it turns out OK.

Poor Sofia didn’t know what to do with herself whilst Lily was out all day. Normally I never hear anything really from them as they have each other to chat to. Missed her twinny! 

Although she did have to smell this all afternoon cooking!!! It tasted super nice 

I bought these biscuits from Biscuiteers for a Instagram post coming up, WOW WOW they were expensive but they were the nicest biscuits I have ever tasted! 

Sunday 21st January  

What a rubbish day. Nana was down for the weekend for her Christmas present experience. A Hawk Walk. However it was cancelled due to the terrible weather. We got up to go to it, but it was too bad for the birds to fly so we ended up at the beach instead as we had the dog with us and he needed walking. 

Did anyones Grandparents have one of these? This is my Grandmas and it is still going strong! 

We made some tasty waffles using Mamma Schools outdoor waffle recipe. They were very nice so give them a try 

Me and hubby are off out for a meal tonight…..only for me to have an allergic reaction to a face wash!!!

So I needed a nice thick lot of foundation to cover it up!!! 

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  1. The weather was just horrible, wasn’t it. We had Eliza’s birthday party on Bournemouth Pier and got soaked just getting to that

  2. Mint Aero cake is actually my favourite! And I don’t usually say this about food, but those waffles are cute, ha!

  3. Ooh thank you for introducing me to the soft box lights. I also find that the lighting is so dark in my house as well so this would be excellent for product shots! x

    • Yes I wish I had got them before now, it’s going to be game changing with product shots and interior shots

  4. I am definitely going to try your pie recipe. I miss a nice pie in Holland as the Dutch in general don’t eat pies.
    I am loving the blogs it feels like I’m really getting to know you now. You are a natural too.
    My fave shot this week is definitely the brolly shot and Thank you for linking up to #PointShoot

    • Ah thank you for your kind words, it’s so scary vlogging!! A whole new world but I really love looking back at the old videos. Yes you do get to know people more than just pictures don’t you. Thank you for supporting me!

  5. That aero bubble cake sounds amazing – I think I would rather like a piece right now! Love the waffles you made and all the lovely family pics.

  6. I’m so pleased the waffles were a success 🙂 you looked lovely after your face wash mishap! Hope the meal was good x

    • Yep we’re be having those again for sure. Thank you it was hard work trying to cover it up!!!!

  7. Oh wow that hot chocolate and all those cakes look so delicious – a proper weekend treat 🙂

  8. It rained all weekend here too, so miserable. I get 121 with my youngest as she isn’t at school. But I struggle to find it with my eldest, I try to make time as often as I can. But we just love being together as a family at the weekends x

    • Yes thats our thing as well, we want to be together at the weekend. So hard isn’t it

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