Our weekend in pictures, a little diary of what we get up to at the weekends together.

I decided to have some time off over the Christmas period, without any pressures, so I am back now and will carry on with our weekend in pictures!

Saturday 7th January 2017 

Hubby was really lovely and bought me up breakfast in bed this morning, I popped into the kids room and came back to find my side of the bed was taken up by something…….cheeky Gus!

I was trying to get my TPE picture of the week, but I got invaded….I don’t mind though, they are ALL mine!!

We always do silly ones for a giggle! I’m sure I will cherish these ones just as much as the ‘nice’ ones.

We took a trip to the beach, which is about 20 minutes drive from home. I really wanted chip shop chips for lunch, so I took our flasks or tea and hot chocolate for the kids and found a spot to sit.

This little fishing boat, was there the whole time we were. He was going up and down near the shore line, dragging his crate behind him. I wonder what he was trying to catch?


Sunday 8th January 2016 

The kids had swimming as usual this morning, so we did that and then came home to get some jobs done around the house. Lily is so helpful, and always wants to help me. So the twins took it in turns to go around with my little Gtech vacuum for me, such a help as this type of stuff really hurts my back. Thanks girls!

Now I may look like a terrible Mother here, taking my child out in the rain and her getting soaked! Well it wasn’t raining when we left, and they do have a hood to pop up….but they keep pulling it down!

Here is Lily with rain drops in her hair, and trying to blow it out of her face!!

We all popped out to my lottery win village, for a kick about with the football, and a throw about for the dog. I love this place, so peaceful and in the middle of the countryside, but so close to home too.

With a great park for everyone…including Daddy!

Bit of a strange picture…I had to have a MRI scan on my back tonight, it wasn’t the best experiences and I had a little panic inside it….silly I know. So when I had finished I needed a sugar fix, so a McFlurry called me!! I haven’t had one in ages, but boy it tasted good and I felt much better afterwards.


If you don’t already follow me on Instagram I also post a daily picture, and at the end of the year I put them together into a Photobook.

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  1. Oh, those chip shop chips at the beach look divine, perfect way to devour them, with a cup of something hot, by the beach!

  2. Such gorgeous photos. Your time on the beach sounds lovely. And that fishing boat photograph is fabulous. I am so sorry that you had to have an MRI scan. They are terrible. I really hope that the McFlurry helped. Hugs Lucy xxxx

  3. What a lovely weekend. Your pictures are so gorgeous. You can’t beat taking a hot flask out on a walk with you. Especially with the cold at the moment. x

  4. quite scary to have to have an MRI scan – I am not surprised you had a panic, hope you’re OK. McFlurry sounds like a good cure to me, though! x

  5. Lovely set of photos you took! I especially love the beachy ones with the boat in the sea x

  6. Ahhh these are gorgeous. I need to make more of an effort to take photos of our weekends. I used to do it a lot but kinda fell out of the habit.

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