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Saturday 30th June 2018

Introducing Dobby The Bearded Dragon! 

Sofia has been getting prepared for Dobbys arrival for weeks now and finally it has arrived! I never thought I would be a reptile owner but I am now! She is doing all his care, cleaning, feeding veg and insects and having a good old chat to him!! 

The day started by a trip to our local reptile shop. It had good reviews but we were happy to travel to a couple of there wasn’t one there she wanted. They come in so many different colours! 

She ran in there that I only got a picture of her foot!!! 

Straight away she went to the Vivarium with the orange coloured Bearded Dragons in, with lots to pick from. 

But there was one that stood out to her….

The paler one that was climbing all over the place and enjoying sunning himself on the heat lamp! 

They asked her if she wanted to hold him and she did, he ran straight up and sat on her shoulder! She was sold! He was coming home with us!! 

She couldn’t wait to get him home and pop him in his new home that she had been getting ready for him for weeks! 

See her little care sheet she has with all the information on how to look after him and the food he can eat! 

He is really cute! and I never thought I would say that!!! He turns his head when you chat to him and already knows we are his source of food! 

It will take some getting use to having to feed him live bugs but it’s what he needs!

He carried on climbing onto our heat lamp too at home so I suppose he just likes it up there, he looks very chilled with his mouth wide open!!! 

But you can see his pretty colours too can’t you.

So what do you think of our new family member?! 

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  1. Oh he is so adorableb although I would probably be scared out of my head , but I’m a wimp 🙂

  2. He’s arrived. He’s absolutely gorgeous. She must be delighted. We had a leopard gecko for years but he was nocturnal so we only really saw him at night. Feeding live bugs was OK. We used to tip some of the supplement into a sandwich bag, then tip a few crickets in there to coat them and then pop them in the vivarium for him. Worms we’d add using a plastic tweezers.

    • Hes pretty isn’t he! Oh no I would get bored not being able to get him out and handle him! Yep thats what we have been doing with the bag but the things have just run off and hidden the whole time! They say now you mustn’t leave them in there with him as they bite him. So can’t loose them! Been driving us potty!!

    • Their pretty cool aren’t they, hes very sweet when he tilts his head to listen to you!

    • They are interesting animals, but very friendly. He is so happy to climb on and sit with you even though we’ve just got him. Once I visited the reptile shop with her to see them before hand I was quite surprised on how cute they were and interactive!

  3. I think those dragons are interesting. My neighbor has one that wears a little harness and a leash. He lets it out for walks. He got the little harness at the pet store and I think its actually made for another small pet but it fit the bearded dragon just perfect. I would love to have one of these.

    • My daughter is looking forward to being able to have him out on her shoulder and sit with her! They are pretty cute

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