Our weekend in pictures, a little diary of what we get up to at the weekends together.

Just a bunch of normal family life pictures.

Saturday 4th August 2018

It has been the big push for the garden and the last weekend for us to get it finished! We made it!! Blood sweat and tears and some help from relatives, we managed it! 

Nana had been down for a week to spend some time with us over the summer. However she ended up getting roped into helping in the garden! So had a couple of trips out, so today we headed off to Netley Countrypark to see the newly opened museum. This is where we wrote our names on a slate roof tile back in the winter and sponsored a roof tile for the restoration project!  

It is also where me and Kev had our first kiss! So we thought we would take a little look around as it’s been closed for about 2 years I think. 

They’ve done a beautiful job on restoring it and full of some great information on the history.  

This view is amazing though

Remind me not to go shopping with the kids again! Me and Kev usually do it in the week without them, we only went to top up for the weekend and we ended up putting so much more in the trolley!! Good job it was Lidl!! 

Once Nana was dropped back off at the train station, we set to work again in the garden! Its a bit more shady in the garden at this time of the day and in this heat it was well needed! My parents popped over to help do some tidying up. 

They bought over scones and jam!!!! 

Sunday 5th August 2018

Today is the day! It’s filming and picturing of the garden! It was a long day and I fell into bed by the end of it. I can’t show you though as it’s being kept undercover until the reveal! 

Although this picture made me laugh, I was taking a photo of Lily and Sofia reading on the sofa. Then afterwards I noticed Lily had her book upside down….how was she reading it?! 

The book sleeve had been put on upside down!! 

So apart from some bits and bobs in the garden it’s done and we can now get back to enjoying some adventures together and maybe my weekend in photos might be a little more interesting! 

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    • I knew someone would notice the upside down book!!! We did have a giggle about that after I realised!

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