Our weekend in pictures, a little diary of what we get up to at the weekends together.

This weekend was a bit of a funny one, we have started to decorate the twins bedroom but it’s a bit more than decorating, and then Lily wasn’t very well.

Saturday 28th January 2017 

Whilst Daddy got on with their bedroom I did some chores, homework and tidying. Gus didn’t seem to mind though…..!

Daddy getting on with their room…it was very noisy!

So we headed out for a little walk, and a trip to the park.

Gus hates it if I leave him, I dared to walk a few space away from him and help the girls ride the zip wire. You would think I had tied him up and left him for hours!! So we found a bench and sat and watched the girls playing, he doesn’t mind this as I am with him but will make sure he keeps an eye on them!

I love the way he matched my carpet and wallpaper…although those dirty paws don’t do they…..!

Sunday 29th January 2017 

Lily hadn’t had a good evening on Saturday, she has had some spots on her body for a couple of days that have got worse. They have blistered and this started to concern me. So I took  her along to the walk in center, we saw a nurse, what a waste of time. They didn’t know what they were and said they must be viral…..how many times have I heard that from nurses and doctors!!

Just for reference, it wasn’t viral, it was Shingles. I took a visit to the GP on Monday morning, who diagnosed it.  Good job I trusted my gut, and didn’t send her to school. She can’t give anyone Shingles, but she can give them chickenpox from it. It’s only on her body, which is all covered.

Lily is feeling ok in herself, now we have been keeping on top of the painkillers, and she wanted to still pop out with our friends on our planned walk to Moors Valley Countrypark.

Then we headed over to my Mums for roast dinner, and her family tradition of trifle! She doesn’t make this every roast dinner, just as treats!

Hopefully next weekend will be more interesting! But that’s life isn’t it, and that’s what I wanted to show you all!

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  1. i looked at this blog because i saw your beautiful pictures of the dog. adorable. it looks like you had rather an adventurous weekend. this wooden house is fantastic.

  2. Aw, poor Lily, hope she is feeling better now. It’s awful when things get misdiagnosed – sometimes you just know in your gut don’t you? My hubby had shingles recently and it was awful. It started to get better very quickly though. Hope she is on the mend. Adore Gus – and yes he matches the wallpaper perfectly! xx

  3. You’ve been super busy and oh em gee how cute is gus! What type of dog is he? X

    • Thanks, he is a Goldendoodle, Golden Retriever x Poodle. My daughters have asthma, and would react to the Golden Retriever, but crossed with Poodle, it keeps the allergens down and they are fine with him.

  4. Oh my goodness, how cute is Gus? Absolutely adorable. I’m completely with you on the whole ‘viral’ thing that docs keep saying – I absolutely can’t stand it, all they do is throw paracetamol at you as if it was some sort of magic potion for every possible ailment! #PointShoot

  5. Kerry Norris Reply

    Loving all the pics of the dog. Super cute and chilled out. That trifle looks epic x

  6. Decorating!!! Looks a little more intensive than a spot of decorating!! I’m sure it will all be lovely though once it is finished 🙂 xx

  7. what a nightmare having to head to the walk in centre – so frustrating when they don’t know what the diagnosis is. Hope she’s feeling better x

  8. What a great way to remember your weekends! Bless Lily, hope she feels better soon. Moors Valley Country Park looks lovely!x Ps. How cute is your dog 🙂

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