There has always one room in our house that we’ve always struggled with, and its a pretty well used one too by all the family. Our living room is also our dining room and my home office too! 

A couple of years ago we invested a large corner sofa which fills up two walls of the living room space but also frames our living room space perfectly. It has given us a proper area to relax and as it’s big enough to fit us all on comfortably. It was the best decision we’ve made for this whole house renovation I think! This item is the one thing that will be staying and working around it but as it’s grey its such a neutral colour I can put pretty much any colour with it. 

When we moved into this house it needed renovating throughout and we tried to work the decor around the furniture items we already had. We had cream and dark wood large furniture pieces so I picked a floor that worked well with this to save money. I then won a competition with a furniture brand and was able to purchase some really good quality oak furniture which I love, however, the flooring doesn’t work at all with the furniture and this would be the first big change. I have been looking into investing in some good quality grey laminate flooring which would be hard wearing and neutral enough to work with all the different colours, including the furniture choices in my living room. 

Moving onto decor colours I would love to have pink in our living room, I’m not sure I have my husband on board yet though but I think it works lovely with both gold and grey which are the colours I already have within the room. 

I have been looking out for some lovely pieces and there are some brilliant online shops that have such unusual items but ones that work with my current pieces and complimenting the sofa and light flooring. 

List Of Products In Picture 

Did you spot any pieces you loved too? I am now itching to get my living room redecorated, how long do you think it will take to convince Kev how nice these colours go well together?! 

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  1. You’re right – gold and pink are the perfect colour combination with grey. Good luck convincing your husband to accept the pink, I know mine wouldn’t!

  2. It’s a lovely colour scheme – I think guys here the word pink and start to panic, but it can look so much cooler than they imagine x

    • Yes I think your completely right, hopefully now he’s seen this post it might change his mind!

  3. These are my absolute favourite colours! We are looking at decorating our living room but sadly I, too, have to find something that works for both me and my husband.

  4. I love this combination of colours! We have grey as our main colour scheme and have had yellow accents for quite a while but you’ve made me realise a fancy a fresh and this is just the ticket.

  5. Love your moodboard! Everything ties in together so beautifully. I’ve just sneaked a few pink accessories in at ours, such as pale pink velvet cushions on our grey sofa and they works a treat. I agree that gold is a great accent too! X

  6. Those pink pieces I see in the photo are subtle so not only would they work but the pink wouldn’t be so overwhelming that your husband would get sick walking into the room looking at all the pink. I get why he wouldn’t want pink but if the pieces are small and subtle, I think you might be able to talk him into it 🙂

  7. Oh this is one of my favourite colour combinations and I’ve used it in my bedroom renovation and my little vanity area too and parts of my office! 😀 Loving that wallpaper – wow! I also own that little hanging pot, it’s super cute 🙂 Can’t wait to see the changes! My other half was always ‘pink-adverse’ too but he’s not seemed to mind so far how much I’m using it! Ha! xx

    • Oh maybe my other half then will get use to the look at some point then! He knows I really want somewhere with pink in it! Your rooms are super inspiring, thanks Kimberly

  8. Our family living room is one that we’ve struggled with too and finally this autumn we started making some renovations and happy with the progress

  9. Love that paint colour!! Go for the laminate flooring, you won’t regret it and you home will look more Swedish 😉 xxx

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